‘Warawut’ is ready to give answers and receive criticism in the discussion of Section 152.

Government House, "Warawut" Minister of Social Development Ready to give answers and receive criticism in the discussion of Section 152. Please do not refer to outsiders. Because I couldn't explain. Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Social Development and Human Security (Ministry of Social Development and Human Security), spoke about the opening of a general debate on the opposition's Section 152, which will take place on April 3-4. If you say that you are very prepared, what is that? But I believe that during the past 7 months of work by the Ministry of Human Rights, the Ministry of Human Rights has adjusted the role of reactive work. It is proactive work. and various details which has both errors And there are stories that have been successful and progressed. But ready to give answers and receive feedback from the council. If there are any points to note in the upcoming discussions, Mr. Warawut also addressed the issue of time to answer the Minister's pointed questions. This depends on each minister. Some of you have observations. There are many details that need to be clarified. It may take more time than other ministers. As for the Ministry of Primary Education, use the time as concisely as possible. which has a total of 4 hours, must be allocated time appropriately As for the case where the discussion may involve third parties, Mr. Warawut said that he thinks that speaking in a positive light Probably no one would say anything. But if there is a reference in the case that causes damage to third parties Whoever it is I think you have to be careful. Because those people did not have the opportunity to explain in the House of Representatives. Must be fair to all parties. Mr. Warawut also mentioned the news of the Cabinet reshuffle saying that this matter must depend on the judgment of the Prime Minister. What are the guidelines? But I believe there will be discussion. Source: Thai News Agency

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