Open linking legal entity data in a new format, Business Data Exchange

Nonthaburi, Director General of the Department of Business Development. Opening a new type of legal entity data linkage system, Business Data Exchange or BDEX, tied together behind the house. Help government and private agencies use legal entity data conveniently and quickly, along with adding data sets to support verification and identity verification. As for the Webservice system currently in use, the system will be shut down on 30 Sep. 2025. Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director-General of the Department of Business Development revealed that at present the Department of Business Development Has developed and improved the legal entity data linkage service system for government and private agencies under the Business Data Exchange (BDEX) service system, which will create greater flexibility and convenience in using data. climb Conforms to standards for linking and exchanging government information (Thailand Government Information Exchange: TGIX) by integrating with the Digital Government Development Agency. ( Public Organization) or S.O.P.D. has adjusted the service format to link and exchange information of the Department. with government agencies through the more efficient Government Exchange Center (GDX) In this regard, as the Department It is the main agency providing business registration and legal entity information services to government organizations, the private sector, and the general public. Currently, there are a total of 180 agencies that link legal entity data with the Department, divided into 169 government agencies and 11 private agencies. Providing services such as legal entity information as per the certificate page List of shareholders, financial statements, commercial register Foreign business operations Business collateral contract registration Trade associations and chambers of commerce, etc. (links to each department data set will be considered according to the type of agency) However, in developing the juristic person information linkage service system this time, the Department has added a set of data to support verification and verification of the digital identity of juristic persons (Business Digital ID) so that service users can link or verify the information of juristic persons. Power to carry out transactions/juristic acts of juristic persons registered with the department. Especially agencies that want to prove and confirm the identity of service applicants. Government and private agencies can use this new data set service through the BDEX system. The development of the service system This new set of information is also in line with the action plan to drive digital identity verification and verification services in Thailand. For the process of requesting data linkage to the BDEX system, it is divided into 2 types of agencies: government agencies Starting with the registration process to apply for business information linking services through the website. Once the service request has been approved by the Department, contact the SPDC to request data linking service s through the Government Data Exchange Center (GDX) and private agencies. Start by registering to apply for business information linking services through the website. When the request is approved Please register the work system and the information requested to be linked. Then test the system and run the dataset. Ready to pay fees and data service charges as required by law before receiving services. Data set of legal entities that the Department Provides linking services to information that can be disclosed according to the Civil and Commercial Code regarding partnerships and companies. Public Company Limited Law Law on commercial registration Laws regarding foreign business operations accounting law Laws regarding trade associations Chamber of Commerce law and business collateral laws. The BDEX system provides data sets with modern digital technology in the form of an API (Application Programming Interface) that is secure according to international standards. and more efficient Makes s ervice recipients receive convenience and speed, supporting modern electronic transactions. However, the agency that will link the data must have qualifications consistent with information security. According to data link security requirements According to the announcement of the Department of Business Development regarding policies and guidelines for disclosing and using information. In order to protect and maintain the security of information that the Department provides, we also adhere to and give the utmost importance to its preservation. And for agencies that wish to link business data through the BDEX system, you can study additional details at the website. or the Department of Business Development website Select the online service menu Select the topic of business information services and choose the business data linkage service (BDEX). For agencies that use the original Webservice data linkage service, they can change to use the business data linkage service (Busi ness Data Exchange: BDEX). The Department continues to provide the same system. Parallel until 30 September 2025. Ask for more details at email. Source: Thai News Agency

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