Today people are expected to get in their cars. More than 80,000 people return for Songkran Festival

12 April - Last day of work. Before the 2024 Songkran holiday, the Highway Police expects the volume of vehicles on the outbound side of Phahon Yothin Road, Wang Noi District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. Heading to the northeastern region Dense from the evening until the middle of the night tonight (April 12). Highway police predict there will be heavy traffic on the outbound side of Phahon Yothin Road. Including Mittraphap Road to the northeast. The number of cars began to increase continuously. After it had just resolved last noon. The travel atmosphere of people returning to their hometowns during the Songkran Festival holiday 2024 found that throughout the day there were people gradually returning to their hometowns in the northeastern region continuously. As a result, Mittraphap Road has quite a lot of traffic. Meanwhile, in the Nakhon Ratchasima bypass road area This is a road that receives traffic from Road 304, Mittraphap Road, and the M6 Expressway to travel to Khon Kaen and other provinces. Within the northeastern region It was found that there was a high volume of vehicles on the Nakhon Ratchasima bypass road. quite dense and slowed down at some points Especially where there are cars from the M6 expressway, but overall traffic conditions are still considered smooth. The bus station expects more than 80,000 people to travel for Songkran 2024. Mr. Atthawit Rakjamroon, director and acting president of the Transport Company Limited or bus station, said that today the bus station expects that there will be people returning. More than 80,000 people from their hometowns organized more than 4,300 bus trips and coordinated with operators to bring non-regular buses or 30 buses to run additionally to meet the needs of the people. In addition, the bus station has arranged the bus station staff and Volunteer staff Stationed at various points To provide information and convenience to people returning to their hometowns throughout this Songkran festival. In addition, in order to facilitate the people to tr avel easily and seamlessly and reduce congestion when traveling to catch a bus at the Bangkok Bus Terminal or Chatuchak or Mo Chit 2, the bus station has arranged buses to depart at Around Gate 2 of Bangkok Apiwat Central Station For passengers who book tickets in advance on the northern route Northeast and Eastern Region outbound SRT expects at least 100,000 passengers per day. Mr. Nirut Maneepan, Governor of the State Railway of Thailand, said that during this year's Songkran Festival, the SRT has prepared. Add passenger cars until the tow unit is full in all 214 regular trains per day, and add 16 extra trains, as well as prepare an additional 40 buses for circulating, able to support the travel of not less than 100,000 passengers. per day, which is sufficient There was no problem with any stranded passengers. In addition, the railway It also joins with the Transport Company Limited to arrange buses for passengers who reserve tickets to travel back to their hometowns (outbound) in advance on the northern route. Northeastern and Eastern lines Traveling between 9-11 April 2024, traveling from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m., can wait to board the bus at Gate 2 of Bangkok Apiwat Central Station. Which is well equipped with both locations and facilities such as luggage carts. Passenger waiting accommodations, shops, concierge services To allow passengers who want to travel between long-distance trains and electric trains conveniently and quickly. Source: Thai News Agency

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