Thrilling! Sedan cuts in front of oil truck Before the loud crash

Chonburi, A car's dash camera captured clear images of a sedan passing in front of an oil tanker truck without a care in the world. Before the loud crash A big bike riding behind couldn't brake and lost control and fell over. The rider was slightly injured. The dashcam captured a bronze Toyota Corolla sedan attempting to pass on the left. Cuts in front of an 18-wheel trailer truck full of crude oil. Before the loud crash A sedan lost control and crashed into a large sign pole. The motorcycle riding behind couldn't brake and rolled unsteadily. The incident occurred this afternoon (April 12). Police at Bang Lamung Police Station received a report of a multi-vehicle accident. In front of the used car center Sukhumvit Road, inbound to Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, so hurried to inspect along with the Sawang Boriboon Foundation Rescue Unit, Pattaya City. At the scene, a bronze Toyota Corolla sedan with Phichit registration was found. It crashed into a large sign pole and was completely damaged. Nearby o n the road is an 18-wheel trailer truck carrying crude oil, Hino brand, white, Chonburi registration. and one big bike fell on the side of the road. Mr. Chuchat, 51 years old, tractor-trailer driver. He brought the dash camera image to the police as evidence and said that he was driving towards Rayong province. When he arrived at the scene, he saw the opposing sedan passing on the right side. At that time, there was a pickup truck driving ahead. Suddenly, a sedan suddenly passed the pickup truck to the left. Until the side view mirror of the sedan connected to the stairs to climb into his car. At first I thought the sedan would brake. But he still forced to pass on the left until he cut in front of him and collided closely. As for the big bike riding behind, it couldn't brake and lost control and fell over. This caused minor injuries to the rider. Initially, it was learned that the driver of the sedan was a Thai man, approximately 40 years old, and his symptoms resembled that of a drunk person. Talking back and forth The police took him to have his alcohol checked at the Bang Lamung Police Station in order to follow legal procedures. Along with warnings to drive with caution during the Songkran festival. Don't drink and drive Source: Thai News Agency

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