The Prime Minister returns to Thailand and reveals that major foreign companies are interested in investing.

The Prime Minister returns to Thailand after the UNGA meeting, revealing that large foreign companies are interested in investing, expecting the figure to reach 5 billion dollars. Announcing the position of Thailand being a democracy. Ready to open the door for trade at the APEC meeting, aiming to bring Thai businessmen along. FIFA discussion section pushing to host the World Cup for the next 9 years

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Returning from the United Nations General Assembly or UNGA meeting to Thailand and giving an interview to the media that from the 4-day trip, I would like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and all officials including the BOI Secretary-General who has carried out many missions Attended a meeting and met with leaders of many countries. Gave 5 speeches and met with 2 other organizations, large global companies such as Tesla, Google, Microsoft, Citibank, JP Morgan, Estee Luder. Generally, these companies are interested in investing. or have already invested in various forms. My duty is to announce once again that Thailand is now open. Ready and willing to have more of these companies invest in Thailand.

The Prime Minister also said that he also met with the New York Stock Exchange. It is surprising that many good companies in Thailand have never been listed on the New York Stock Exchange. which now has seen the path Hopefully this year one company will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Prime Minister also said that while the United Nations expressed concern about geopolitics with conflicts and divisions And the important point is Regarding development for sustainability, all 17 points, which every country is important to, all over 190 countries have the same goal, which is to move towards sustainable development. Including global warming Which at this time has become a world rage situation. It is a matter that must be given great importance. The same is true of human rights. Nearby countries must be fair to war refugees who immigrate.

“One of the goals that I went to is to declare our position that we are a democratic country with the King as Head of State. We will adhere and push for the people to participate in governing the country,” the Prime Minister stated.

In addition, the principles of sufficiency economy have been embraced through the philosophy of agricultural civilization. This is reflected through policies that facilitate people to choose to access government health services with dignity.

The Prime Minister also revealed that For the next mission to travel abroad is attending the APEC meeting in San Francisco. United States which made appointments with many companies Including inviting companies in Thailand who wish to open their trade doors. The Thai government delegation will travel 2 days in advance to allow Thai businessmen to meet with major American companies. In addition to the technology companies that he got to meet There are also important financial companies. because of foreign companies Those who come to invest in Thailand need financial support.

The Prime Minister confirmed that foreign investors There is hardly any concern about Thailand's return to democracy. But look at the convenience of doing business more. For which we are very ready. For coming to invest and listen to opinions What parts of the law or regulations need to be corrected? I will come and see the suitability.

Mr. Settha admits that estimating the value of the numbers that foreigners will invest in Thailand is difficult. But if we take the industry or technology sector as an example, such as Tesla or Google, the initial value is expected to be 5 billion USD or 170 billion baht. As for financial companies, It is believed that there will be much higher investment. Because there is an opportunity to lead the economy to grow. or the livability of Thailand Go invite many other companies to come in.

On his trip to the next APEC meeting, he discussed with the BOI secretary that he might invite medium-sized companies to present themselves to foreigners. To create investment between both sides It is a way to create income for all citizens.

The Prime Minister revealed that he met with representatives of the International Football Federation (FIFA) to discuss countries in the ASEAN region. To be a co-host of the World Cup or FIFA World Cup in 2032 or in the next 9 years, which is not an easy plan. However, Thailand needs support from FIFA in the matter of grassroots football. From the past that used to support Thailand from 250,000 dollars per year to 2 million dollars. At the same time, it is also expected to develop children. and youth to the point they should be

Source: Thai News Agency

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