Ministry of Industry reveals cadmium residue moisture content has decreased.

Bangkok: Moisture content from the latest cadmium mineral sludge sample was found to have dropped to 18% from 33%. It is expected that the mineral sludge found may be similar to the amount already transported from Tak Province. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry Order to expedite inspections of suspicious factories linked to those previously detected. Dr. Natthaphon Rangsitphon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, revealed that the Pollution Research and Warning Center of the Department of Industrial Works The current weight of seized cadmium mineral sludge was inspected and calculated. To compare with the original weight and humidity values from landfills in Tak Province. In preparation for planning the transfer back to the concrete pond at the original landfill, it was found that from inspection of cadmium mineral sludge samples originating from Tak Province, the moisture content was 33%. As for the seized cadmium mineral sludge samples, the moisture content was 33%. Only 18% remains, w hich is likely due to the amount of cadmium ore sludge found now. Close to the original amount that was removed. 'He has directed the team of officials from the Provincial Industry Office to continue inspecting and following up on factories and warehouses in the suspected area. There must be a continuous and complete search for cadmium mineral sludge. To reassure the public that the Ministry of Industry is concerned about safety and intends to alleviate concerns in every matter,' said the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry. Currently, the amount of cadmium mineral sludge found from the latest assessment is 12,535 tons, divided into 1. J and B Metal Company Limited, Samut Sakhon Province, found 6,492 tons. Sin Hong Cheng Inter Tech (2008) Company Limited, Samut Sakhon Province, detected 1,034 tons. Khlong Maduea Warehouse Samut Sakhon Province detected 468 tons. Khlong Kiew Warehouse Chonburi Province detected 4,391 tons. One company in Bang Sue District, Bangkok, detected 150 tons. And mos t recently yesterday (April 11), officials from the Ministry of Industry joined with the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division (PTC), Central Investigation Bureau. Inspected 2 factories in the Mueang District area. and Bang Kruai District Nonthaburi Province After there was a clue that a big bag similar to a bag containing cadmium sludge was found inside the factory. and is connected to a factory that was previously detected. which from the inspection found that No cadmium mineral sludge was found at all.-517 Source: Thai News Agency

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