Khao San Road is bustling Tourists splash water during Songkran from morning until dusk.

Bangkok: Khao San Road is bustling. Both Thai and foreign tourists Splash water during Songkran from morning until dusk. At 7:00 p.m., the atmosphere of Songkran water play began. At Khao San Road area It was found that there were many Thai and foreign citizens. Come join in the Songkran water festival from morning until night. Most of them come prepared with playing equipment. The atmosphere is lively and lively. On the official side, municipal officials have been prepared. Come to perform duties at the entrance to Khao San Road. This is preparation for the actual day, which is tomorrow, April 13, until April 15. Reporters reported that For this year's Songkran festival It was found that foreign tourists were especially interested. Because Thailand's Songkran tradition has been awarded by UNESCO as a world heritage site as well. It is expected that the Songkran water festival will take place on Khao San Road. Officials will only allow playing until midnight. And there will be an announcement for tourists to prepare for their return trip at the same time Source: Thai News Agency

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