“Kanchana” explains Bueng Chawak Aquarium Old mascot costume

Suphan Buri,, "Kanjana" explains the issue of the old 'Nemo fish-shark mascot Bueng Chawak' asking for openness and encouragement for the officials. From the case of the viral clip of a clownfish mascot Bueng Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat Aquarium, Suphanburi, is in old condition and very faded. The uniform is rotting and the fins are already broken. Before there were many people coming to confirm that Bueng Chawak is really dilapidated at present. It looked very quiet and lonely, with no people at all, different from decades ago. Most recently on January 14, 2024, Ms. Kanchana Silpa-archa, former leader of the Thai National Party. A clarification post via Facebook "NuNa Silpa-archa" states that she would like this space to help the officials in charge of Bueng Chawak Aquarium clarify the matter that some people on social media have posted that the mascot of Bueng Chawak is very old and some media have used it to expand the results... The reality is There are many mascots of the aquarium. Also shared to help at the Children's Day event of Doem Bang Municipality. (They live together to help each other.) Almost all of them are in new condition.. But that social media person took it down Please choose the oldest one. Nemo fish and sharks..which is partly to blame here. The two old ones should not be taken out and used, they should be replaced. He posted on January 11th.. On the 12th, the official changed immediately.. I would like to thank the person who posted this for their interest. But I would be more grateful if you would post about the things that this place has always done well.. The water is clear and clean in every aquarium, every tank, and many beautiful fish. The place was very well landscaped.. Aquarium zone I don't go to see it as often as the zoo zone, which I go every month. Because he's already doing good. But it's not a zoo. Why is it bad? Just want to visit and talk with the animals. (I'm not home yet. But I really talked to every one of them. It's just that no one talks and answers).. In summary. . the core part of the place is animal care, animal housing, animal welfare. He did a good job and many people commented and praised him.. As for you who posted about the old mascot and some media outlets that choose to sell results only on this issue We must thank him. It makes us come to fill in our small flaws..but if you would be more generous than this Say some nice things if it's not too difficult. It will be good for you.. I would like to encourage all Bueng Chawak officials. Including an aquarium zone, a zoo, a local vegetable park, a resort that helps take care of everything according to Father Banharn's intention to make it a tourist and educational destination for the general public at an affordable price... and would like to invite Thai and international brothers and sisters Come visit Bueng Chawak.. Finished.. Thank you. Source: Thai News Agency

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