BMA Teams Up with WFH Network in Case of PM 2.5 Red Alert

BANGKOK, The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) collaborates with a network for Work from Home (WFH) in case of continuous red-level PM 2.5 air pollution for three days in a row. Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt said about the situation of PM2.5 particulate matter in Bangkok that during this period, poor air circulation led to an increase in dust levels. He said one reason is believed to be the burning of biomass within the country, as well as neighboring countries. Although the overall national biomass burning figures have decreased but in the central region, comparing the periods from January 1-9 in 2023 and 2024, there has been a 107% increase in burning points, with 525 points in 2023 and 1,089 points in 2024. Regarding PM2.5 from exhaust fumes, a public relations campaign called 'This Car #ReducesDust' has been initiated, in collaboration with nine car companies and six oil trading companies. This aims to promote the use of Euro 5 fuel. Additionally, close monitoring of the situation has been implemented, with public alerts through various channels of the BMA. If a continuous red-level forecast for PM2.5 pollution for three days is predicted, Work from Home (WFH) measures will be implemented. Currently, a network of nearly 50,000 people is ready to cooperate in this regard, the Bangkok governor said. In terms of schools in Bangkok, dust-free rooms have been established in all schools, and efforts are underway to create additional dust-free rooms for preschool children. As for the source reduction, continuous inspections of dust origins have been carried out, and open burning has been strictly prohibited. Concerning health, there are eight air pollution clinics at the BMA-run hospitals. In case of health issues related to dust, consultations are available, and telemedicine services are provided through the 'Doctor BMA' application for quick diagnosis. For health consultations, a hotline 1646 operates around the clock, he added. Source: Thai News Agency

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