Bringing the Democrat Party together to combat rumors about the Prime Minister not sending a signal.

House, "Bhoomtham" insists on bringing the Democrat Party into the government. Just rumors floating around, the Prime Minister hasn't given any signals. Still haven't thought about inviting "Jakkrapop" to join the event, telling him to go and clear up his own problems first. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Gave an interview before attending the cabinet meeting about news of the Cabinet reshuffle. that there will be a Democrat Party joining the government, why did they not ask Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance? He thought that no one knew about the role and power of the Prime Minister whether to adjust or not. When is it appropriate? What time? 'The various news that has come out, I have not yet heard from the Prime Minister. You may hear some things from the media. But in reality, we must see that the Prime Minister How and when do you look? Where does the news come from? It's a rumour, which is normal. It may or may not be intentional. Tal king or predicting various things, we still haven't seen it. Most recently, when I talked with the Prime Minister yesterday, we still haven't seen it,' Mr. Phumtham said. When asked if the government's 314 votes were not enough, Mr. Phumtham said, "Why wouldn't it be enough?" Because it is already its duty. To adjust or not? The Cabinet is a different matter. And still don't know whether to adjust or not. Don't think too far. Confirmed that in the coalition government There was still a good conversation, no problems. As for if the Democrat Party comes in, it must Talk to the coalition government or not? Mr. Phumtham said There hasn't been a start like this yet. Don't think too far. There is no intention yet. This is a floating story. If it's clear, let's talk about what we think. Why did you decide? Mr. Jakkrapob Penkhae, former Minister of the Prime Minister's Office Interested in coming to do politics? Will he come to help with anything or not? Mr. Phumtham said that Mr. Jakrapob would probably have to c lear up his story first. 'He is a person of knowledge and ability. This is a pity. should be able to play a role in helping solve the country's problems as well But I have to deal with you first. At this time, we have not yet thought about what part we will help in,' Mr. Phumtham said. As for the case of Mr. Thongthong Chandrasu, advisor to the Prime Minister Come out and express your opinion about people in the justice system. that there was discomfort, Mr. Phumtham said that he had to ask Teacher Thongthong What kind of situation do you feel about what? The government did not act to invade other people's power. At this time, Mr. Thongthong Still an advisor to the Prime Minister. Source: Thai News Agency

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