Ask the opposition to focus on the work of the government, not on political parties.

House, "Prasert" asks the opposition to debate Section 152, emphasizing the work of the government. It's not a political party discussion. Because it is a coalition government, there are many parties insisting that they are not concerned about Thaksin. Mr. Prasert Chandraruangthong, Minister of Digital Economy and Society Referring to the opening of a general debate without voting according to Section 152 by the opposition party. There is a topic name: 'Who is the government for? The heart is not the people.' He said that this message is similar to the message that the Pheu Thai Party once said. 'Pheu Thai, the Heart of the People' would like to inform the opposition that the debate seems to focus on political parties. It must be said first that this government is a coalition government of many political parties. Therefore, in the debate, in Section 152, it is specified to discuss recommendations to the government. I don't want the discussion to go down to political parties. Past practice has been to discus s the government's performance. It's not a political party debate. 'I beg the opposition that in this matter there is no custom. But discuss the work of the government and have recommendations. The government itself is ready to listen and answer every problem,' Mr. Prasert said. As for the issue of targeting the matter of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister, Mr. Prasert confirmed that it was not something that was tiring. Follows every process As for matters related to Mr. Thaksin Can answer questions about every matter. And I think that this matter will not affect the popularity of the Pheu Thai Party. Please be at ease. We are ready to answer questions in the House. Source: Thai News Agency

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