Thrilling! Crazy man wields a knife and asks to meet “Noom Kanchai”

Bangkok, Police charged a crazy man wielding a knife for invading Channel 3, crying out loud that he came looking for "Noom Kanchai." Test results showed that he had purple urine. Claimed to be able to remember his past life I want to go out and ride the trend. Mr. Israel, 33 years old, was in a delirious state, shirtless, wearing a sarong, holding a knife approximately 11.5 inches long, shouting in front of Maleenont Building, Rama IV Road, Khlong Tan Subdistrict, Khlong Toei District, late today (January 9). Thonglor Metropolitan Police brought dozens of men to negotiate and persuade. But Mr. Israel refused to calm down. Keep saying you'll come find me. "Noom-Kanchai Kamnerdploy", a famous MC and broadcaster, has gotten it and won't go back if he doesn't get to see him. He also cursed the police who came to arrest him with vulgar words. But in the end it was ineffective. A policeman sneaks up behind him while the crazy man is caught off guard. Then use an electric gun to shoot him in the back until he fa lls. before other police officers They will rush in and use a forked wooden device to lock themselves. From the interrogation of the crazy young man, he gave a confusing statement. Claims to be able to see the future and remember past lives. He rode a motorcycle from Patong, Phuket Province, to go find P'Noom Kanchai, who wanted to meet him very much. As for the knife he was carrying, it was his own. Carry it to protect yourself. Initial urine test found drugs. Therefore, he was charged with carrying a weapon in a public way. and take drugs before being taken for further treatment. Source: Thai News Agency

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