The young man sang the Saimai page. being attacked by the guards

Bangkok, Young people singing Sai Mai must survive. being attacked by the guards of Pak Nam gambling After using a cell phone to take a selfie of himself and send it to his girlfriend to confirm that he did not hang out with other girls Recently, the police broke up the casino. Control up to 15 gamblers with equipment

The incident occurred in the middle of the night on Friday night (July 21) and continued on Saturday morning (July 22) at about 1:00 a.m. The victim went to play in this casino. Before the girlfriend calls Line to ask where she is. Therefore, pick up the phone to take a selfie and send a picture to confirm that he is not going with anyone. The person in charge of the casino saw him coming in and asked and accused him of taking a picture and sending it to the police. which he tried to explain and check the mobile phone that he was really talking to his girlfriend But the group did not believe and confiscated their mobile phones and deleted all data. before dragging out of the pond mayhem bash He remembered that about four to five people had committed the beatings themselves. After that, he confined himself in the casino until 6 a.m., then dragged him to search the room. before giving up Ready to say do not report to the police. If notified, will come to manage with fear Therefore traveling to ask for help, Sai Mai must survive immediately. for fear of not receiving safety

Mr. Ekkaphop stated that in the past this kind of incident had occurred in the area of Samut Prakan Province many times. will take the victim to the area to see the scene of the incident and report a complaint to the North Samrong Police Station investigator who owns the area in order to manage admitted that he had received a request for help in the past for being treated in this way But the victim refused to reveal himself. Because they are foreign workers afraid that it will not be disclosed in the area

While gambling in the metropolitan area around Bangkok According to their own information, it is now found that the method has been modified to use the form of setting up about 9-10 computers in different locations and allowing people to play online gambling through computer devices. From the information it was found that it was beginning to exist in Khlong Luang area, Pathum Thani province. In the areas of Samut Prakan, Nakhon Pathom and Kanchanaburi, we are currently in the process of collecting all evidence. to expose the information of the network like this Because he knows that in some areas, online casinos like this are set up near religious places. It showed that in addition to not being afraid of the law, he also did not care about the state of mind of the people in the area.

Lt. Col. Chaiwat Salakkham, Deputy Superintendent of the North Samrong Police Station, said the investigative department had already inspected the said place. before arresting 15 gamblers at the said point There are regular complaints from residents. After complaints were made, the officials did not remain calm. Forces have been brought in to arrest a total of 4 times for the incident. The staff has just been notified by the Sai Mai page. because the victim has not yet come to see the police From now on, the victim will be sent for physical examination at Samut Prakan Hospital come to compose the case file, then speed up the interrogation, collect evidence, follow all the perpetrators to prosecute as soon as possible .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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