The cannabis control law has been drafted, awaiting submission to the Cabinet for consideration.

House, "Dr. Chonnan" points out the interview with the Prime Minister. Polish policy statement Revealing that the draft marijuana control law has been drafted, waiting to be submitted to the Cabinet for consideration for medical and health benefits. Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Minister of Public Health Gave an interview about the case of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Gave an interview to foreign media about the possibility that marijuana may be brought back into the drug list, saying that this may be the Prime Minister's view. Because of the government policy Statement to Parliament It is clear that Cannabis if used Must be useful for medical or health purposes and in the economic dimension It must be for medical or health purposes, which is a policy that the government has announced to Parliament and must be followed. As for the facts that are now Dr. Chonnan emphasizes that marijuana is a narcotic, only the extract has a THC value of 0.2% by weight only. In addition to that Not co nsidered a drug But if marijuana is brought back as an addictive substance There must be an amendment to the Ministry of Public Health announcement. who had previously announced the removal of marijuana from the drug list And only cannabis extracts are considered drugs first, so it depends on the policy of the Prime Minister on how to proceed. And the marijuana control law is currently being drafted. It is in the process of preparing for submission to the Cabinet for consideration. To support the cannabis policy that the government has announced to Parliament. Because when marijuana is present not a drug There must be a law to control it. This is in accordance with the International Narcotics Convention, which states that if any country determines that marijuana is not a drug, There must be a law to control it. and enforced in a manner that is no less than a drug The government is working in this direction. Which if anyone is going to use hemp-cannabis Not related to medicine or health is considered misuse. When asked if it would be difficult to bring back marijuana as a drug, wouldn't it? Dr. Chonnan stated that the government is looking at the issue of impacts. which if there is a law controlling That is no different from drug announcements. Concerns about the health dimension and misuse It's something you don't have to worry about. But if it is brought back to being a drug again It will have to be overhauled. And there will be a huge impact from the legalization previously, both private businesses, marijuana shops, and others, such as those who grow 1 marijuana plant in their home, will be illegal. But the new law that will be controlled will require permission for cultivation and production. 'The marijuana shops that are open are all wrong. Because of the marijuana shops that are currently open Licensed according to the Thai traditional medicine wisdom law. Marijuana-related products can be sold, but here there are issues that we are concerned about, such as selling the inflorescences. It is true that the i nflorescences are not designated as narcotic substances. But extracting the inflorescences It can be assumed that the amount of THC will definitely exceed 0.2%. Therefore, the new law that will be issued must be controlled here,' Dr. Chonnan Said. Source: Thai News Agency

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