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The 34th Fisheries Day Event ‘Miracle Style with Aquatic Life’

Bangkok, The Fisheries Department joins with many sectors to organize the 34th Fisheries Day, 'Aquatic Arena: beauty competition arena - challenge the strength of aquatic animal gangs' between 28 June. Sep. - 7 July 2024 at Future Park and Spell Shopping Center. Presenting the best educational exhibitions and displays of aquatic animals. Under the concept of Miracle Style with Aquatic Life, the wonders of underwater life. with diversity and different lifestyles but retains its natural beauty Mr. Bancha Sukkaew, Director-General of the Fisheries Department, said that the 34th Fisheries Day is an activity organized in cooperation between the Fisheries Department. Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Future Park and Spell Shopping Center as well as related government and private sector agencies The objective is to promote, conserve, and disseminate academic knowledge about aquatic animals, beautiful fish, and various types of aquatic plants to youth, students, and the public. This year, the event has been raise d to an international level. Promote family relationship building through collaborative learning. Therefore, we invite everyone. Come join in and experience the wonders of the underwater world that will delight everyone's eyes, hearts, and merit. The admission fee is only 20 baht. Proceeds from the event will be presented to His Majesty the King. Donate to the Chulabhorn Foundation In this event, there will be a knowledge display and aquatic animal species on display. Under the concept of Miracle Style with Aquatic Life, the wonders of underwater life. There is variety with different lifestyles. but retains its natural beauty There is also an online fish release activity: the miracle of the birth of "dragon fish" into the water source. Dragon fish release activity. To the origin of Ratchaprapa Dam Surat Thani Province and other types of aquatic animals to various locations to increase aquatic animal production and sustainably conserve local aquatic species. As well as having health promotion activities by As soc. Prof. Dr. Nantakorn Thongtaeng, Deputy Dean for Special Affairs and Organizational Relations. Representative of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University Bring Siriraj's applied Thai traditional medicine activities to introduce in the topic "Eat like a Thai, stay away from disease" which will introduce ways to take care of your health with the science of traditional Thai medicine. Checking the house element Eating herbs Exercise to promote health according to Thai traditional medicine. Body management with Ruesi Dutton pose and herbal products Mrs. Natharin Phayuangwong, Deputy Managing Director of Marketing and Business Development Future Park Shopping Center and Spell said about their cooperation in organizing this event that Fisheries Day event It is a big annual event that customers and the general public Everyone is waiting to see the beauty of various species of aquatic animals. Both the fish that were entered in the contest and those that were displayed which the shopping center It has been held continuously for the 15th year, with this year investing over 10 million baht to create a total event area of ??over 7,000 square meters on the ground floor of Future Park and Spell Shopping Center. To be a great aquatic animal kingdom under the theme "Aquatic Arena: beauty competition arena - challenge the strength of the aquatic animal gang" in addition to seeing the beauty of aquatic animals. Future Park has also added activities for F Members to join in the fun at the event. Ready to receive many free prizes. Source: Thai News Agency

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