Suthin is confident that he can discuss Section 152 without the need for a bodyguard.

House, "Suthin" is confident that he will be able to discuss Section 152 tomorrow without the need for a bodyguard. Ready to smile as the opposition targets the Ministry of Bullets. I see no new issues. Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Mentioning the general discussion without voting according to Section 152 tomorrow (3 Apr.) that for himself Nothing serious or exciting Personally, I am ready to answer and clarify. The part that is considered not exciting Is it because there was no resolution? Mr. Suthin said it was because the issue was not hot. Or there is a new issue that is surprising. Especially the issue of the justice process that refers to Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. For this matter, society is considered Outsiders have talked about this matter a lot, so I think that society accepts the causes and results of the justice process. The opposition sees the Ministry of Defense as The Ministry of Bullets fell, Mr. Suthin said with a smile. I admit that it is an interesting ministry. And for himself, there was no team or bodyguard to help. Because we can explain it alone. Without any problems. Source: Thai News Agency

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