Son imprisoned for using machete to kill mother Claiming someone whispered an order to kill him.

Phang Nga, Police from Takua Pa Police Station, Phang Nga Province, detained the son who killed his mother and imprisoned him at the Takua Pa Provincial Court. Confessing that it was haunting as if someone whispered in my ear to kill my mother. Police at Takua Pa Police Station detained Mr. Chakri, age 40, who used a machete to cut Nang Nabsa, age 74, mother of Bang Kerd Klao, to death on the night of March 30. After the incident, the suspect rode a motorcycle to surrender at Takua Pa Police Station and was taken by officers to collect the machete used in the incident and left it on the roadside. before placing the controller in the cell for the night. Today (April 1), police took Mr. Shakri out of his cell and put him in a car to take him to jail. Reporters asked whether he felt remorse or not. The accused kept a neutral face. Have a weary look Don't answer any questions. Previously during the interrogation The accused gave a confusing statement. Recently, he said that he killed his own mother because he was hallucinating. It's like someone whispered in my ear to kill my mother. So he took action and killed his own mother. While my mother was standing in the kitchen washing dishes behind the house. The police charged the parents with murder. Ready to be taken to jail After that, the investigating officer will interview the accused in detail again. and will be taken to see a doctor at Takua Pa Hospital to check mental health and thoroughly check for drug substances Because he had a history of being addicted to drugs before. And before this there was also 1 case of drunk driving. Source: Thai News Agency

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