Public health has found statistics of nearly 3 million Thai people suffering from mental illness.

Bangkok, Psychiatrists point out that the mental health situation is linked to violent incidents. While statistics show that Thailand has nearly 3 million psychiatric patients receiving services, it is estimated that 1 in 5 of these cases is due to drug use. Dr. Worat Chotipitayasunon Spokesperson of the Department of Mental Health Ministry of Public Health Mentioning the case where a person went crazy due to psychiatric symptoms. and has been using drugs Causing violent incidents to the point of injuring others and family members until death. It is stated that patients with crazy symptoms often have distorted perceptions of reality, such as ringing in their ears, hallucinations, and paranoia. This kind of psychiatric symptom, if it is caused by a general psychiatric disease, is usually a psychiatric disease that has been around for a long time. and did not receive treatment or in a group with severe symptoms But it is often found that the factor comes from drugs that affect changes in the brain. causing d istorted perception When they do not recognize the reality, they will display violent and aggressive behavior. strange behavior It can lead to violence. Section for caring for psychiatric patients It is important to receive regular treatment. Because in many cases, psychiatric patients do not know that they are sick. Therefore, family or people close to them must observe and help. Take them into continuous treatment regularly. In order not to have the opportunity to cause violence from more serious symptoms. There are two cases of psychiatric patients who are addicted to drugs: In the case of using the drug for the first time and experiencing immediate psychotic effects In another case, it is a group that has been using drugs for a long time. One day, when you stop using the brain, it may not return to its original state and you will have mental symptoms. which care must be looked at on a case-by-case basis while information on psychiatric patients, both outpatients and inpatients, from the medical and heal th data warehouse system Ministry of Public Health It was found to be approximately 3 million people, of whom it is believed that about 1 in 4 to 1 in 5 came from drugs. The symptoms of mania are sometimes caused by mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. There's a chance you can go crazy. But there is a small chance of it happening. In addition to having very severe symptoms and did not receive continuous treatment There is a chance it will happen. But it's a lot less than drugs. Because drugs, even if used once or twice, can cause crazy symptoms. As for the treatment of psychiatric patients If this is the case receiving treatment and the doctor assessed that he could be treated as an outpatient. It means that you can come back home. Can live in the community which must play an important role in helping A spokesperson for the Department of Mental Health emphasized that he wanted every violence that occurred to have had signs before. Whether it is violence from words, thoughts, or minor be haviors such as violence against objects or animals, before causing violence to those around you or society, you must pay attention. Many times it is found that signals are being sent. But people around you and society do not care or do not want to interfere. But the Mental Health Act of 2008 states that if a person is suspected of being mentally ill, and deserves to be treated The law gives authority and duties to administrative officials or police officers. Such laws can be used to bring that person into the treatment process. Source: Thai News Agency

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