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Prepare to file charges against 14 police officers who participated in Kamnan Nok’s party.

In the case of the blood party for Kamnan Nok's birthday, Nakhon Pathom Province plans to file charges against the police who attended the party. There will also be a press conference by "Big Joke" Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Police Commander, at 3:00 p.m. today (Sept. 17), emphasizing that all police officers must report to the police. today to receive the allegation.

Police General Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Revealed over the phone to the media who are monitoring the situation at the Provincial Police Region 7 Headquarters about the progress of the proceedings against the police attending the Kamnan Nok party. From the meeting summarizing the results of the inspection of CCTV images, together with the statements of all police officers who attended the party and the testimony at the scene of the crime. It can be concluded that there are police officers who are considered to have neglected to perform their duties according to Section 157 and have lied to investigators without being ashamed of their dignity as police officers. Therefore, all police officers who have committed misconduct must be prosecuted. From the investigation, it was found that there were 14 police officers involved in wrongdoing, a group of police officers who did not provide assistance to Inspector Bank and Deputy Superintendent Wasin, such as Police Colonel Kritsadaporn Jong-aksorn, Superintendent of the Police Station. Phayathai was prosecuted for neglecting to perform duties under Section 157. As for the charge of filing a false report or making a false statement, under consideration Including Police Colonel Wachira Yaowthaisong or Superintendent Bem. was also prosecuted for neglecting to perform his duties. But since he has died The investigating officer will indicate at the end of the statement that he has died.

As for Police Lieutenant Colonel Wasin or Deputy Superintendent Wasin Deputy Superintendent of Police, Highway 2, which was previously reported Is one of those who will be charged with making a false report. But most recently, from examining the testimony and CCTV illustrations It was found that the statements were consistent and that he was in the position of the victim and therefore could not be prosecuted.

However, for reporting charges against all 14 police officers, it is the responsibility of the Central Investigation Police, which Police Lieutenant General Jiraphop Phuridej, Commander of the Central Investigation Police, said. Crime Suppression Division investigators, led by Police Colonel Anek Taosuphap, were assigned to be the team leader in filing the charges this time. All 14 police officers will be called to acknowledge the allegations within today.

As for the atmosphere at the Provincial Police Region 7 Headquarters, investigators from the Crime Suppression Division and the working group of the Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police are currently has come to prepare a place to prepare charges against all 14 police officers, while at 3:00 p.m. Police General Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Will travel to follow the progress and open a press conference to the media about the legal proceedings against all 14 police officers and what charges each officer will be prosecuted for.

Source: Thai News Agency

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