Pheu Thai moves forward causing Thai people to lose opportunities.

Bangkok, Pheu Thai aims to move forward, "Demand everything, but oppose everything," causing Thai people to miss out on opportunities. Pointing out that the 152 debate calls for emphasis on the work, stopping the discourse. Mr. Danuporn Punnakanta, List of MPs And a Pheu Thai Party spokesperson said that in opening a general discussion to ask for facts or suggest problems without voting According to the 2017 Constitution, Section 152, the opposition on April 3-4, 2024 believes that the government is ready to answer various questions. of the opposition very well There's nothing to worry about. Because since the government led by Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Cabinet Came to manage the government until today, 7 months, working hard in the area all the time. To solve the important problems of the people, "We have been in government for less than 10 months" and there is still no budget. But many achievements are evident in the eyes of the people, such as reducing the cost of li ving. Both energy prices, electricity prices, rubber prices rose to 90 baht/kg, the highest in 7 years from moving forward to block illegal rubber and combined seasons, rice prices rose to 10,500-11,000 baht/ton, the highest in 16 years, Roadshow in 14 countries, expected to generate income of 558,000 million baht, electric train 20 baht throughout the line, 30 baht everywhere, 12 provinces completed, and many others without an annual budget. Mr. Danuporn also said that we understand the opposition's concerns. We are equally concerned about the people. The largest opposition party has never run a country. Putting campaign policy into practice First of all, you need a budget. Some matters take time to amend the law. Many things must be done carefully and in consultation with many parties. Fortunately, the Pheu Thai Party did not wait 10 months, causing Thailand to have its 30th Prime Minister, named Settha Thavisin, as the Prime Minister of all Thai people. 'The Move Forward Party questions whether we are 'W ho is the government for? The people are not getting anything.' I want the opposition to look at the issue correctly. that this discussion under Section 152 is a discussion of the government This is not a discussion of the Pheu Thai Party. On the other hand, we have to ask the opposition instead, "Demand everything, but oppose everything," to the point that it may cause the Thai people to lose the opportunity," Mr. Danuporn said. Ms. Chayapa Sinthuprai, Roi Et MP and Deputy Spokesperson of the Pheu Thai Party, said that from visiting the area to meet fellow citizens. Especially in the area of ??Roi Et Province, they all echoed the opinion that the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Settha said that at the local level they were very satisfied, such as the 30 baht policy for treatment everywhere. Answering the needs of the people which is in a very remote area Because it is convenient and reduces the cost of traveling to the district or provincial hospital. There is also a medicine delivery ride r. Helping patients who are unable to travel receive comprehensive treatment. Fellow citizens express their gratitude to the Pheu Thai Party. Where the project is developed, 30 baht is maintained everywhere. This allows them to receive comprehensive treatment. It greatly helps save the lives of the people. In addition, fellow citizens in the area He also gives encouragement to the government to move forward with the digital wallet policy. Don't be distracted by criticism. Even though the timeline has been postponed It is expected that citizens will receive digital money at the end of the year. They want the government to succeed. It's okay to be late. 'As Pheu Thai is the leader in setting up the government. We focus on working with all parties. and take action to make it come true To answer and solve people's problems We focus on the content of the work. It is not the content of the discourse that is not beneficial to the country,' Ms. Chayapa said. Mr. Jirawat Aranyakanon, Deputy Spokesperson of the Pheu Thai Party, said that after the general discussion to ask for facts or suggest problems on April 3-4, 2024, on Friday, April 5, 2024, the Pheu Thai Party will hold a general meeting. Annual General Meeting of 2024, organizing this event The Pheu Thai Party will communicate on the issues of "past, present, and future" of the Pheu Thai Party. towards the people Since the Thai Rak Thai Party at that time was a political party that 'Leader in reforming the country's structure' such as laying down infrastructure for the health insurance system, creating lifelong learning through TCDC, creating opportunities for small entrepreneurs through SME Bank, etc. until the present. at the Pheu Thai Party with Ms. Paetongthan Shinawatra, Pheu Thai Party leader to tell the story of the Pheu Thai Party's adjustments There is new knowledge gained. From outside, many branches come in. To develop the organization, personnel, and MPs of the party to solve problems to better meet the needs of all citizens. I am sure that within thi s year there will definitely be changes happening again. And in the future, the government under the leadership of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, will communicate on the issue of Thailand's opportunities on the world stage. Make Thailand proudly return to the world map again. Source: Thai News Agency

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