NBTC – Royal Thai Police visited the Mae Sai border area. Arrest of illegal telecommunications station

NBTC and Royal Thai Police visited the Mae Sai border area. Arrest of illegal telecommunications station Smuggling high-powered signals across the country more than 40 km away, along with accelerating measures to frame signal towers along the border. On January 9, 2023 at 3:00 p.m., Clinical Professor Dr. Saran Boonbaichaiphruek, NBTC Chairman, Pol. Gen. Dr. Natthorn Phaosunthorn, NBTC Legal Affairs Officer, Pol. Lt. Gen. Dr. Thatchai Pitanilabutr, Assistant Police Commander in charge of preventing and suppressing technological crimes, Pol. Maj. Gen. Jittiphon Phonpruksa, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Armed Forces. .4, , Mr. Sombat Lilapata, Deputy Secretary-General of the NBTC, Mr. Pichai Suwankitboriharn. NBTC experts, Mr. Jaturon Choksawat, Assistant Secretary-General of the NBTC, Mr. Suteera Phungtham, Director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, Mr. Monchai Na Lamphun, Director of the NBTC Office. Region 3 along with NBTC officials jointly announced the results of the arrest of ille gal telecom stations. It was found that a strong signal was sent across neighboring countries more than 40 km away. From the expansion of the results, it was found to be linked to a call center gang. Ready to discuss expediting the issuance of NBTC announcements regarding licensing and supervision of radio communications stations along the border. To solve the problem of illegal signal transmission helping call center gangs. Prof. Dr. Saran said that the NBTC office responds to the government policy in cracking down on technological crimes, especially call center gangs and online gambling websites. with bases of operations along the border of neighboring countries He assigned Pol. Gen. Natthorn to drive collaboration with the Royal Thai Police and related agencies. In the past, there have been continuous results of arrests. Including the drive to amend various laws and regulations. In order to solve the problem of call center gangs more efficiently. Pol. Gen. Natthorn said that in the past the NBTC has work ed with relevant agencies. Continue to sweep up and arrest illegal telecommunications stations, arrest sources selling illegal telecommunications equipment, and hasten to organize signal towers along the border throughout the country to prevent signals from crossing over to neighboring countries. To eliminate factors that facilitate call center gangs and various forms of criminal organizations. who set up bases along the border Along with the NBTC's issuance of 7 important measures, such as suspending incoming calls from abroad in some forms, creating a *138 service that refuses to receive international calls, creating a registration system for Sending a large number of messages, limiting the registration of many SIM cards, requiring identity verification, and canceling sending SMS from financial institutions with various links attached. This arrest revealed interesting insights. From a technical analysis by NBTC experts, it was found that the illegal telecom stations that were seized this time were Able to broadcast strong signals for both telephone and internet signals across neighboring countries more than 40 kilometers away, supporting thousands of concurrent users. It covers an economic area of ??hundreds of square kilometers. This is an area where a large number of call center gangs are hiding. This is a big problem that all parties must work together to solve. Recently, the NBTC has drafted an NBTC announcement regarding the licensing and supervision of radio communications stations along the border. Set clear criteria and procedures for operators who wish to set up new cell towers in border areas. Set a distance from the boundary line. and must turn the signal broadcasting direction into Thailand and he has instructed all regional NBTC offices Inspect telecommunication stations and signal towers in the area of ??responsibility. If it is found that the signal is being broadcast across neighboring countries. Hurry and coordinate with operators to fix and improve. If any business operator neglects to comply Proceed with all relevant laws and regulations. Pol. Lt. Gen. Thatchai said today was a joint operation between the Royal Thai Police and NBTC in accordance with the policy assigned by him. Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Commander-in-Chief of the Police, and Pol. Gen. Roy Ingkhapairoj, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police, who have ordered Pol. Lt. Gen. Thatchai was a representative to inspect telecommunication stations and signal towers along the border in Chiang Rai Province. It was found that many illegal telecommunications stations and signal towers had been set up. Therefore, he ordered the S.T.O. to carry out an investigation and collect evidence to request a court warrant. leading to the arrest of the perpetrators along with seized items The details are as follows: NBTC together with NBTC inspected and arrested radio stations without permission. Found illegally transmitting telephone and internet signals to neighboring countries in the area of ??Wiang Phang Kham Subdistrict, Mae Sai District. The perp etrators were arrested along with confiscated items including radio equipment, signal transmission equipment along with electricity. and a large number of signal cables with connectors, which is an offense "Having and using radio communications equipment and setting up a radio communications station without obtaining a license" according to the Radio Communications Act and "Operating a telecommunications business which requires a type one license without obtaining a license" according to the Act. Act on Telecommunications Business Operations In this case, the arrest team dismantled all the equipment and sent it to Mae Sai Police Station, Chiang Rai Province, for further legal action. In this matter, he has issued a message to all police units. To join with relevant agencies to go to the area to investigate and find news. Setting up a telecommunications station is illegal in the manner mentioned. To prevent call center gangs from easily accessing the signal like in the past. Source: Thai News Agency

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