NAM opens trading on the first day with a booking low of 3.90%.

Bangkok, Numwiwat Medical Corporation Public Company Limited (NAM) opened its first trading day at 7.40 baht, a decrease of 0.30 baht from the IPO price of 7.70 baht or a decrease of 3.90%.

Mr. Phakorn Peetathawatchai, Director and Manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and Mr. Wirot Chaithoedkiat, Chief Executive Officer of Namvivat Medical Corporation Public Company Limited, along with executives. Participated in the opening ceremony of securities trading On the stock exchange of Numwiwat Medical Corporation Public Company Limited in the consumer products industry group. Personal items and medical supplies category Using the abbreviation "NAM" in securities trading, the first day of trading opened at a price of 7.40 baht, a decrease of 0.30 baht from the IPO price of 7.70 baht or a decrease of 3.90%. The number of IPO shares was 105 million shares, representing a fundraising value of 808.50 million baht and having a value of Securities at IPO price 5,390 million baht

NAM operates a manufacturing business. Import and sell medical tools and equipment. For cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment In hospitals and nursing homes according to public health standards Including the production and distribution of consumable products for use with cleaning and disinfection tools for medical equipment. With production processes under international standards on the same level as Europe and America, NAM has developed patented medical innovations in its own products. It has an important customer base of more than 1,200 hospitals and public health organizations covering both domestic and international markets. NAM has been appointed as a distributor from foreign companies. In addition, it also provides other comprehensive related services.

Mr. Wirot Chaithoedkiat Chief Executive Officer of Numwiwat Medical Corporation Public Company Limited (NAM) revealed that the company plans to use part of the proceeds from fundraising to expand the new factory. To increase production capacity in both the medical equipment and medical consumable product groups. Support the increasing demand for medical equipment products. Including being able to support the production of new products at the company. Will be able to develop with partners in the future. In addition, there are plans to invest in developing a research and development center for medical device products. By focusing on developing products that meet the needs so that they can reach hospitals at all levels. and can pass on equivalent standards of cleanliness. Research, study and collect data on product usage in various aspects It is an important step in product research and development. The company therefore plans to increase manpower. As for researchers and developers, engineers and chemists Including adding or expanding space Adding a device Tools and machines Until the addition of software that requires the addition of programs in the areas of drafting, design, and analysis to make it more convenient and suitable for operations. Which will begin operations in the 2nd - 3rd quarter of 2024.

In addition, the company plans strategies to create growth through expanding businesses related to medical devices. cleaning Sterilization and Sterilization and/or related businesses To increase competitiveness and create added value for the company in a complete manner. The company will focus on expanding its business abroad to create a foundation to support growth. and to drive Thailand's medical device industry to the world level in the future.

Source: Thai News Agency

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