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Jiranee comes back! James Ji reveals that filming is close to starting a new drama.

Nine Entertainment, Jiranee comes back! James Ji reveals that the filming of a new drama is close. Bella is not shy, being followed by FC since Grade 3 until now in Year 1. The nostalgic atmosphere of #Jiranee's fans has come back again. Because the young hero James Jirayu and the young heroine Bella Ranee attended a couple event that included gaming activities. and take photos with fans as well At this event, Bella opened up about the fans who attended today's event as always being cute. It's a familiar atmosphere. I'm delighted that the fan club has followed me since Grade 3 until now I'm in my first year at university. He's not shy. But I'm glad to meet the fans and see our development and soon there will be work together. As for the young man, James Ji said that coming back this time It's interesting to see which way both of us will perform. It should be fun, but I definitely think it won't be difficult to adapt. It's almost time to turn on the camera. Source: Thai News Agency

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