Deputy government spokesman confirms Prime Minister gives importance to solving PM 2.5

House, "Kenika" responds to the opposition criticizing insufficient manpower to solve forest fires and explains that the government has allocated the central budget to hire people in the area to help, insisting that the Prime Minister is open to listening to opinions from all sides. Always go to nearby areas. Ms. Kanika Aunjit, Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the government under the leadership of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, The problem of PM 2.5 dust has always been given importance. The government has integrated work from many ministries across the country. Especially in the northern area The government is not only solving problems in Chiang Mai province. But it still covers all 17 provinces, including Chiang Rai Province, where even though the power is out But the government continues to put in place surveillance measures. In addition, this year's dust is considered to be less than last year. Confirming that the government has given impor tance to solving the dust problem. Using the limited budget for maximum efficiency He has emphasized that it should be used in a cost-effective and transparent manner. In addition, the Prime Minister has always provided encouragement to those involved and officials. Because it is an important mechanism for solving this problem. Ms. Kanika said that, however, we would like to thank the many parties who have made suggestions on how to solve the dust problem. The Prime Minister himself is open to listening to opinions from all parties. As for the case, the opposition has come out and noted that the government has insufficient manpower to solve the problem because the forest area is large, such as in Chiang Mai province. with forest area Both the protected forest and the national reserved forest cover 9 million rai and have 1,800 forest rangers. We would like to clarify that in normal situations the forest can be taken care of. But during a forest fire situation, this may not be sufficient for the situation. The government has solved the problem by allocating the central budget to hiring people in the area to monitor. The part that says Most forest fires occur in areas of parks and forests. which is not in agricultural areas as the government understands, confirming that the government is not complacent. Because the Prime Minister has visited the nearby area many times before and has ordered the Forestry Department and the National Park Service to expedite the problem. This can be seen from the recently approved budget. Ms. Kanika further said that on March 3, 2024, the Cabinet resolved to approve the central budget. It is a total of 272,655,350 baht, of which 109,946,650 baht belongs to the Forestry Department and 162,708,700 baht to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to pay for the project to solve the problem of forest fires and smog to reduce PM 2.5 dust in area 17. Northern Province and a high risk of forest fires During the months of January-May 2024 By hiring people in the area to strictly monitor risky areas. This makes it possible to detect forest fires in a timely manner. and quickly control forest fires. Source: Thai News Agency

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