Interior Ministry spokesman explains bridge construction work in Khao Kwai Bay area

Bangkok, Spokesman of the Interior. Clarifying information about bridge construction in the Khao Kwai Bay area, emphasizing that "Anutin" is ready to push the project, using the opportunity of the Cabinet to travel to Ranong. Accelerate the resolution of the suffering of Morgan citizens and students. Ms. Traisulee Traisanakul, Secretary to the Minister of Interior and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, said that Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. There have been reports of instances where images and information about the hardships of Morgan students have been shared on social media. On the trip to Ban Ko Phayam School, Mueang District, Ranong Province, you had to wade through a canal which was dangerous. The Minister of Interior was not complacent and had the Governor of Ranong Province immediately investigate the facts. In this regard, it has been explained by Ban Ko Phayam School that at present the travel of students A pontoon will be used to cross the canal in case of high tide. When the tide is out, students can walk to and from the school and their accommodation. And traveling this way is a normal way for Morgan students. The school has organized a 2.5-kilometer student shuttle bus (E-Tan bus) for Morgan students every academic year. which received a budget from the Ranong Primary Educational Service Area Office and the area office There is supervision of the school's operations. It is also about safety in traveling to study for all students. As for providing assistance with short-term student travel Currently, the school is in the process of requesting permission to build a temporary floating buoy across the canal with the Koh Phayam Subdistrict Administrative Organization and the Ranong Regional Harbormaster Office. and is currently in the process of being processed by the relevant agencies Ms. Traisulee said that the Minister of Interior sees that improving the quality of life of the people Especially in the area of ??safety in the lives of youth must be permanently improved. Therefore, we will use the opportunity to hold an official Cabinet meeting outside the venue or a traveling Cabinet in Ranong Province between 22-23 January 2024 to get to know about various problems. Ready to bring issues that are difficult to discuss with relevant agencies at the Cabinet meeting in order to solve problems for the people as quickly as possible. However, the Governor of Ranong Province initially reported to the Minister of Interior that the bridge construction project had begun with the budget according to the fiscal year 2014 operational plan in order to alleviate the suffering of the people, especially the Morgan residents. in the Khao Kwai Bay area where it is not possible to travel to school and receive public health services during the monsoon The initial operating agency was Mueang Ranong District. But later it was changed to be under the care of the Ranong Provincial Public Works and Town and Country Planning Office because it had more expertise in infrastructure work. After that, the private construction contractor had already completed some work but had to stop construction. Due to the case of Special Operations Unit 46 Report a case against forest encroachment With some of the construction work being in the mangrove forest area of ??Ranong Province. In the past, Ranong Province has taken steps to solve the problem in order to ensure correct operation in accordance with the law. Emphasis is placed on coordinating with relevant agencies including the Ranong Provincial Public Works and Town and Country Planning Office. and the Natural Resources Office, Ranong Province, so that the project can resume construction. 'Mr. Anutin emphasized that ensuring people's lives and livelihoods are safe is the most important thing. But since you just took the position The Minister of Interior has not been here for long and has not been informed about this matter before. But once the problem is known, it will be fixed. and emphasized that in the era that he was Minister of the Inte rior, whatever is a matter of suffering to the people must be dealt with as soon as possible. Therefore, you will use the time during the Cabinet meeting to travel to Ranong Province as an opportunity to listen to this matter. and bring stuck matters to discuss with the Cabinet meeting in order to lead to jointly solving problems to improve the quality of life of brothers and sisters in the area to have access to good and safe public services quickly,' Ms. Traisulee said. Source: Thai News Agency

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