Genetic testing Gene Solutions spearheads in promoting preventive care at ESMO Asia 2023

HANOI, Vietnam, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vietnam’s leading genetic testing firm Gene Solutions, specializing in detecting the presence of certain diseases based on their genetic markers, made a remarkable impact at ESMO Asia Congress 2023, one of the most prestigious oncology conferences held in Singapore from December 1 to 3.

Gene Solutions’ booth attracted lots of interest and discussion

Gene Solutions’ booth attracted lots of interest and discussion

ESMO Asia is where distinguished international experts, key opinion leaders, and oncology associations meet annually to present and discuss the latest scientific and clinical advances in oncology in the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

As the only representative of South East Asia at the 2023 congress, Gene Solutions introduced its achievements in Next-generation sequencing (NGS), presenting significant steps forward in personalized medicine in cancer treatment. The research and development team presented five reports, including an oral and four poster presentations that illustrated the clinical advantages of genetic testing for cancer screening and tracking. Two presentations were awarded the Travel Merit Award.

Dr. Tran Le Son’s oral presentation won the Travel Merit Award at the congress

Dr. Tran Le Son’s oral presentation won the Travel Merit Award

Gene Solutions has made impressive strides in the region, present in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and now Singapore. Its sixth laboratory recently opened in Singapore is a clear indication of the recognition and cooperation from this global powerhouse. It also hosted a meeting with the theme “A One-stop solution for all cancer patients,” bringing together experts from six Southeast Asian countries.

Dr. Vo Hoai Nam’s report at ESMO Asia 2023 draw attention from experts and doctors

Dr. Vo Hoai Nam’s report at ESMO Asia 2023 draw attention
from experts and doctors

Earlier in 2023, Gene Solutions’ clinical research success was recognized at The ASCO Breakthrough in Japan, with two ASCO Breakthrough Abstract Awards. They were selected for a prominent press conference to highlight the exceptional outcomes of their clinical validation study, K-DETEK.

This pioneering company is on a mission to combat these ailments and improve patient care in Southeast Asia. It has developed Screening for the Presence of Tumor by Methylation And Size (SPOT-MAS) – a multimodal liquid biopsy-based assay that can detect the five most common cancer types (liver, breast, colorectal, gastric, lung cancer).

In April 2022, the first analytical validation of SPOT-MAS test was conducted on a cohort of 738 patients, 1550 healthy individuals and published in the esteemed journal, eLife (eLife.89083.2). This proved SPOT-MAS’ ability to detect cancer patients with a sensitivity of 72.4% and a specificity of 97.0%. With products like SPOT-MAS, OncoGS, K-TRACK, K-4CARE, Gene Solutions has been at the forefront of applying liquid biopsy technology to support screening, diagnosis, guiding and monitoring treatment for various types of cancer.

Gene Solutions was co-founded in 2017 by Dr. Nguyen Hoai Nghia (CEO), Dr. Nguyen Huu Nguyen (Deputy CEO), and Dr. Giang Hoa (R&D Head). They have strong backgrounds in genetics, cancer biology, clinical medicine, biotechnology.

After studying cancer biology and genetics in the US, Dr. Nghia wished to establish cutting-edge technologies in Vietnam. That was when “Gene Solutions” as an idea came to be. They aim to create a solution that will be more accessible, affordable, and widely accessible, thereby benefiting millions of people in Southeast Asia.

“It was an exciting experience to present our research at this esteemed event for the first time, and an honor to be rewarded for our efforts. We are proud of our six-year journey in Vietnam developing NGS. Gene Solutions is leading a much-needed paradigm shift in healthcare by embracing the most recent developments in genetic research, encouraging preventive care, and motivating people to take control of their health,” said Dr. Nguyen Huu Nguyen.

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