Found a World War II shelter tunnel.

Kanchanaburi, A Japanese shelter tunnel built during World War II was discovered. Villagers are calling on government agencies to expedite studies in order to preserve and develop it into a tourist attraction. Villagers led a news team to the area of ??Ban Songkalia, Village No. 8, Nong Lu Subdistrict, Sangkhla Buri District. Kanchanaburi Province To explore tunnels that are thought to have been dug during World War II, when the Japanese army conscripted prisoners of war and laborers. Let's build the death railway. (Station from Nong Pla Du (Thailand) - Tan Bucha Yat Station (Burma) along the roadside No. 323, Sangkhlaburi - Three Pagodas Pass. It is on a hill about 100 meters from the road. The tunnel found was approximately 2 meters wide, 180-190 centimeters high, and approximately 35 meters long, penetrating a hillside. Connects to the area behind which is a rich forest. Inside the tunnel, the temperature is cool (about 24-25 degrees), the air is ventilated well, and there is a breeze. It is believed th at the tunnel was built by prisoners of war. There are traces of the use of ethers, crowbars, and shovels in digging. It is thought to have been used as a wartime shelter tunnel to protect against air attacks during the construction of the railway. Still in relatively complete form. Landslides were found only at the mouth of the tunnel on both sides of the hill. Smoke stains were also found on the tunnel wall in the part that was cut into the wall to house a lantern. to be a light inside the tunnel Part of why the tunnel is still strong Due to the design of the excavation inside the tunnel to look like pillars every 2 meters throughout the tunnel. In addition, the ground in the area where the tunnel was dug is a subsoil layer that is harder than general soil. Villagers call on relevant agencies to expedite surveys and studies for conservation. and develop it into a place for learning and traveling for youth citizens and tourists In order to preserve and create income for people in the area. Source: Thai Ne ws Agency

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