Former Director of the Engineering Division is lucky and wins 30 million in the lottery.

Nonthaburi, A newly millionaire, former director of the Engineering Division, has good fortune. He buys house number lottery and wins the first prize, receiving 30 million. This new millionaire is Mr. Phonkrit Suthijamnong, age 61, a native of Surat Thani province. (Background is ethnic Surat Thani Province) came to take on the duties of Director of the Building Control and Urban Planning Division. Pak Kret Municipality Engineering Office and retired a few years ago Today, the Government Lottery, draw number 13, April 1, 2024, won the first prize and received the full 30 million baht. General Krit said I didn't take the numbers from anywhere far. But it's a house number. Once in a while, it's never cheap to buy. My wife told me to stop buying it. But this time, I was depressed and tried to buy it while going to the mall. Saw a vendor sewing lottery tickets with the number 81, like a house number, so I picked it up. I was very happy. I had only seen other people's news. After this, the money may be divided among the brothers and sisters, some of which can be divided to make merit according to your ability. The child was happy and screamed throughout the house. Previously, there was a Fortuner car, yellow. It was said that if we won first prize, we would find a younger sibling to be friends with. That is, getting a small new car. And will do the same yellow color. Because I like yellow. Source: Thai News Agency

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