Extrajudicial drug dealing criminals Shooting at police, seriously injured

Narcotics Suppression Team of Phrae Province raids and captures criminals selling methamphetamine. The shooting injured a police officer and he was seriously injured. As for the criminal, he died on the spot.

Doctors and evidence officers Inspect the scene and collect evidence. Inside a car in front of a rental room in Thung Kwao Subdistrict, Phrae Province, where drug suppression operations officers Phrae Provincial Police They carried out an extraordinary investigation on Mr. Amnat or Neng, 32 years old, who opened a rental room to smuggle methamphetamine.

When the police show up and arrest Mr. Amnat tried to flee in a car until the officers had to bring the car in to stop him and call him to get out of the car. But the assailant used a gun to shoot back and fired 2 rounds. The bullet hit the torso of Pol. Lt. Amornnat Akatmek, an officer of the drug suppression team in Phrae Province, who was injured and fell. Officers shoot and fight Until the criminal died while sitting in the car seat. Then the police were rushed to hospital for treatment. Symptoms are not yet out of danger.

From checking inside the car It was found that the suspect had more than 10 gunshot wounds to his stomach, legs, both arms, hips, and back. A search of his body found 6 methamphetamine tablets in his left trouser pocket. They also found 400 methamphetamine pills hidden inside the car.

Initially it was found that The accused came to open a rental room with his girlfriend. Inside the room, there was a large amount of drug paraphernalia. Therefore, it has been collected as evidence for legal action. And from expanding the results, it was found that Mr. Amnat had just been arrested on June 20th. on charges of selling and consuming methamphetamine, Firearms Act and is in the process of bailing out to fight the case. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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