Crane building at Phutthasothon Hospital collapses, injuring 1

A crane collapsed while building a new building in Phutthasothon Hospital, Chachoengsao Province. One worker was injured, rushing to move the busy patient. Announcement to stop accepting outpatients today except emergency patients

A crane collapsed while building a new ten-storey building. in Phutthasothon Hospital Mueang Chachoengsao District causing the crane operator to be thrown out and injured by the centrifugal force While the steel hook lifted the crane, it fell on the six-wheeled car parked below until the windshield shattered. As for the weighted mortar platform behind it, it fell on the broken high-voltage wires. Putting out the lights in the entire hospital and the diesel generator works A huge cloud of black smoke flew out. As a result, the villagers were shocked and thought that the fire was on fire. The hospital had to remove all inpatients near the accident building. Ready to issue an announcement to refrain from accepting outpatients today Except for emergency patients While the police blocked traffic in front of the hospital one hundred percent. for safety .

Source: Thai News Agency

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