Controlling “Jay Uan”, putting Pad Raek in jail – close subordinate visits

Police detained "Jay Uan" who was hired to kill her husband "Komas" and asked the court to imprison Pad Raek. "Jay Uan" confessed his guilt and accepted his fate. and did not request bail in court As for the remaining suspects, one person has been arrested and three others are in the process of accelerating pursuit and arrest. The case of Mr. Khanop, 65 years old, or Komas, owner of a cockfighting arena in Sawi District, Chumphon Province, disappeared mysteriously for 2 months before his body was found buried near a water channel in the forest garden behind Sai Tao Oi School, Village No. 1, Bang Khan Subdistrict, Dist. Bang Khan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, on March 26th. Police then brought in forces to arrest Ms. Wanphen, age 62, or Jae Uan, the royal wife who had been hired to kill Komas, her husband, with Mr. Somchai, age 62, as the leader of the abduction and murder team, and three others who were on the run. Close subordinates visited "Jay Uan" regarding the movement at Nasak Police Station, Chump hon Province, where Jay Uan was detained. Late last morning, a close subordinate brought chicken rice, soybean milk, and 2 bottles of drinking water to visit Jae Uan. There was a conversation similar to ordering work for about 15 minutes before returning. Mr. Niran, a close subordinate of Jay Uan, said that he brought food to visit Jay Uan. Said he slept well last night, not stressed or worried like before. I sleep better than every night. Even though it's sometimes difficult to sleep Because I had to sleep on a hard floor, no pillows, no mattress because the police wouldn't let me take them into the cell, but I was comfortable. Jae Uan also asked him to tell Komas' relatives. that he should help take care of the funeral arrangements instead Because you probably won't have the chance to go to the funeral and you probably won't go see anyone else. And Jae Uan will not apply for bail in court. Do not file an appeal to request a reduction in sentence. Not filing appeals in all courts Jae Uan used the word that he had made up his mind and accepted his condition and accepted his karma. Even if he went outside, he would still be lonely. I'd rather stay in jail. At least and ask that all relatives not have to come and bail. He could only console Jay Uan by asking her to take good care of herself. Because Jay Uan is suffering from depression. I have to take medicine. Including his health was not good, he was sick with many diseases. Detaining and opposing bail for "Jay Uan" who orchestrated the murder of "Komas". After that, the police detained Jay Uan and asked for jurisdiction from the Lang Suan Provincial Court to imprison Pad Raek at the end of the police's request to object to bail. Because it is a serious crime case, while walking to the car Jae Uan told reporters that he would like to apologize to all of Komas' relatives. The reason he decided to orchestrate Komas's murder was because Komas had blown a fuse and threatened to kill himself and his daughter. From now on I have friends. After being alone for many y ears Confirmed that he would not apply for bail in court. As for the case of Mr. Somchai Giving evidence that Jay Uan was the sole culprit in Komas's murder. Jay Uan said that it was not true. Arresting "Somchai", one of the gang that abducted and killed "Komas". As for the progress of tracking down the other 4 suspects who are still on the run, recently the investigating police Region 8 arrested Mr. Somchai, 62 years old, one of the gang of abduction and murder. The body of "Komas" was cremated and taken to Nasak Police Station. The reporter asked Mr. Somchai about the incident and the reason why he said that Jay Uan was the mastermind and killed Komas herself. Mr. Somchai claimed that he only went to pick up the body and conceal it. If you don't believe it, go ask Jay Uan and see for yourself. The reporter further asked how much money did Jay Uan hire her for and what was the 150,000 baht that Jay Uan gave her? Mr. Somchai replied that he didn't know what he was hired to kill. He would go ask Jae Uan hims elf. After that, the police took Mr. Somchai for questioning for about 5 minutes, then took him into custody on the second floor, waiting for the owner of the case to come and interrogate him again. As for the remaining 3 suspects, they are Mr. Sutheep, Mr. Pruhat and Mr. Weerapat. He is still on the run. But it is reported that on April 2, the Commander of Provincial Police Region 8 will come to personally press conference on this case at Nasak Police Station. It is expected that there may be clarity regarding the accused who is still on the loose. Komas is the owner of a cockfighting arena. Disappeared with a personal car Since February 1, on March 26, police found a body buried in the ground near a water channel in the forest garden behind Sai Tao Oi School, Village No. 1, Bang Khan Subdistrict, Bang Khan District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The corpse had ropes tied to its feet. hands tied behind back There is masking tape around the face. The middle of the body is decayed. It is assumed that it was hit by concentrated acid. On March 27, relatives confirmed that the body found was that of Komas. Then, on March 29, police led a search of the house of Jay Uan, the royal wife, to look for additional evidence. and taken for questioning Jae Uan confessed that he was the one who orchestrated her husband's death. Because of the accumulated anger that her husband threatened to kill Jay Uan and her daughter. After hooking up with a new woman Causing families to break up. Source: Thai News Agency

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