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Caught! Young man claims to be drunk and has blown a fuse Stomped on a senior – riding a motorcycle, causing him to run over again and seriously.

Udon Thani, Caught! Young man stomps on senior Ride a motorcycle and run over his body again until he is seriously injured. He claims to be angry at the injured person who crashed his motorcycle at a merit-making event. From the case of Ms. Apitchaya, aged 21 years, posting CCTV clips in a Facebook group. In the second, a man wore a black long-sleeved shirt. Her uncle, Mr. Panthong, aged 42 years, was riding a motorcycle along the usual route, but a man wearing a blue shirt suddenly chased and attacked him until he lost control before the man in a black shirt jumped out of the vehicle. Then the man in the blue shirt Pree came in and punched him until he fell standing and also kicked him in the face several times. But the man in black didn't respond. You can only protect yourself. Finally, the black-shirted man fainted and became motionless. But the man in blue was still not satisfied. Riding a motorcycle and running over another injured person's body. Along with the message, "My real uncle was chased and a ttacked by a criminal riding a motorcycle, punching, kicking, and repeatedly stomping on his face. Not satisfied with riding a motorcycle on top of my body. Recently, I still am not conscious. I am in a coma and have a blood clot in my brain. and bleeding in internal organs If anyone has any information, please come and report it.' This incident happened at 1:00 a.m. on March 3. After the incident, the niece reported the incident to the police at Muang Udon Thani Police Station. Most recently, last night, the police were able to arrest the perpetrator, Mr. Suraphon, 33 years old, at a house. in Nong Kham Village, Nong Bua Subdistrict, along with the seized items motorcycle, and most importantly, a clip was also found on a mobile phone while the perpetrator was causing bodily harm. and cursed the injured person as well After being questioned for more than 1 hour, it was learned that Mr. Suraphon had confessed that causing actual harm to the injured person Because the injured person was riding a motorcycle He went into trouble at a merit-making event at a nearby temple several times. By turning the engine loudly, it made him angry and chased him on a motorcycle. and asked the injured person why he was riding in a vehicle causing trouble at a temple merit-making event. The reason why he did it was because the fuse blew. Initially, the Superintendent of Muang Udon Thani Police Station revealed that after receiving the report of the incident He ordered the police investigation team to go to the area and collect evidence. Until they found out the perpetrator who asked to surrender after work. Initially reported the allegation "Severe bodily injury to another person." If the injured person dies, a report will be filed. "Assaulting others until death" continues. Source: Thai News Agency

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