Inviting local entrepreneurs to continue the ‘Soft Power’ policy

Phetchaburi Province, Director General of the Department of Business Development Following in the footsteps of the Cabinet, they went to Phetchaburi Province to inspect and give encouragement to entrepreneurs. Inviting you to continue the government's 'Soft Power' policy on Thai clothing. Along with discussing wholesale and retail businesses, setting guidelines for creating sustainability for the local area. Request to open more areas to sell community products. along with a request to focus on hiring people in the area Stimulate and strengthen the local economy together. Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director General of the Department of Business Development The Ministry of Commerce revealed that 'Between 12 and 14 May 2024, the Department of Business Development led a team of executives to Ratchaburi and Phetchaburi provinces to visit and give encouragement and find ways to help local entrepreneurs expand the market. By visiting the area to meet community entrepreneurs In line with the goals of the government and the Ministry of Commerce, led by Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, and Mr. Naphinthorn Srisanpang, Deputy Minister of Commerce. That wants government agencies that oversee the business sector to have access to and understand the needs of as many entrepreneurs as possible. This results in the form and guidelines for providing assistance, promoting and developing the potential of entrepreneurs in a precise manner. By giving importance to the integration of cooperation between the government and business sectors. Discuss guidelines agreed upon by both sides so that operations move forward in the same direction. Both expanding marketing channels to cover and diversify Eliminate trade barriers to facilitate the business sector. This will result in community entrepreneurs being able to conduct business sustainably. and is related to the country's overall economic strength being stronger. An important highlight is inviting local entrepreneurs to continue the government's 'Soft Power' policy in the field of Thai clothing. To elevate the clothing line made from natural materials. It is one of the Thai cultural heritage that is worth preserving. By increasing the value/value of cultural capital and creating popular trends to be widely known. by the Ministry of Commerce Department of Business Development will take part in promoting, supporting, and pushing to create trends to reach even more new generations, such as publicizing through movies, television dramas, or series that are becoming popular and taking them to exhibit and sell products at various events To create product recognition/recognition and expand marketing channels Expand the customer base to be diverse. This is another way to continue and adapt the culture of Thai desserts/Thai clothing to remain in modern Thai society in a sustainable way. Continuously generate income for business groups and the country. In addition, we also visited and discussed with wholesale and retail business operators to plan ways to creat e long-term local sustainability. By requesting that the area be opened for local entrepreneurs to bring more community products to sell in the wholesale and retail business. along with asking to focus mainly on hiring people in the area to create local employment It stimulates and strengthens the economy in the region, province and country. Visiting the area this time Scheduled to visit and meet entrepreneurs in 2 business groups: * Apparel business made from natural materials. (Sonarai basketry women's occupational group) and * Wholesale and retail business (Sahathai Department Store Group Company Limited). Both entrepreneurs are businesses that are supported by the Ministry of Commerce that create added value. economic Local people can be hired to work in the business. and has the potential to continue the government's 'Soft Power' policy very well. The first business visited was the women's sisal basketry group. It is a business group that produces apparel (hats, bags, shoes, belts, and souvenirs) from natural materials. It is a career based on local wisdom that has a unique identity. The products reflect the sophistication of Thai craftsmanship that is worth preserving and perpetuating forever. By joining occupational groups, income is distributed to people in the community thoroughly from upstream to downstream. The highlight of the product is Made from natural materials It is strong, durable, and can be washed and cleaned without losing its color or becoming moldy. There are various product formats. It is accessible to all target groups, from teenagers to adults, and has gained the attention of both Thai and foreign consumers. From the discussion it was found that Women's occupational group Products have been sold through online channels (website, Facebook: Araya by Nut Pansornnarai Araya and IG: araaby and offline (King Power Suwan Airport International Arts and Crafts Center and participate in exhibitions and sell products at various locations) The important foreign markets are Japan , England, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. The problem that has been found and is rushing to solve the problem is the production of products that cannot keep up with customer demand, that is, hemp fibers and fibers that cannot be produced in time. As a result, products cannot be produced in time to meet market demand. Women's occupational groups Ready to support and promote the products of the group to be soft power of the country because at present they are already receiving interest from foreign customers. Therefore, expanding the market to customers in other countries. There should be a lot of possibility. And the second business is Sahathai Department Store Group Company Limited, a large wholesale and retail business in Phetchaburi Province. It is 100% owned by Thai people and is a wholesale store that has been developed by the Department of Business Development. trade Ministry of Commerce To be a model wholesale and retail store There is a network of about 100 retail stores and grocer y stores. From the discussion it was found that The business places importance on efficient logistics management. By using information systems to help with management, such as inventory cost analysis. Warehouse management Order management Delivery process analysis and product distribution, including the business has prepared information on members of wholesale, retail and grocery stores. To support network building in organizing promotional activities. As a result, businesses have more skills and experience in organizing formal promotional activities. which is an important factor that causes sales to increase accordingly. In addition, it is also a mentor to grocery stores that are in the network. As a result, there are more customers who are retail stores. At the same time, they are also retail stores that sell products to local people. Gain an understanding of retail stores and grocery stores in various areas. that must face more intense trade competition In addition, the department has asked for cooperatio n from Sahathai Co., Ltd. to open up areas for local entrepreneurs to bring more community products to sell in department stores, both in the form of allocating space to sell products. or organizing special promotions for entrepreneurs to introduce and allow consumers to try products in order to open and expand the market. In order to strengthen entrepreneurs, including asking to focus on hiring people in the area mainly to create local employment. It stimulates the regional economy to become circular and self-reliant. This helps support and promote the overall economy at the macro level to become more strong as well. After talking and listening to various details from the operator Department of Business Development Ready to move forward with full support and assistance to the business sector. Including bringing needs and suggestions. Let's proceed with creating a market expansion plan to build strength. Close weak points and strengthen your business. and will coordinate with relevant agencies to integrate c ooperation in facilitating and promoting the business sector to be able to conduct business smoothly. Increase your potential and expand your chances of success. with the government sector behind it give support and provide full convenience. Source: Thai News Agency

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