Ask where the good things have gone.

Because Mr. Kriangyot Sudlapa, list of MPs Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party Discussed in the House of Representatives on March 7, 2024, regarding the case of why BMA abandoned the Ong Ang Canal. to return to its original condition until it loses its value as a new landmark of Bangkok and ignore organizing walking street activities both generating income for citizens and entrepreneurs in the area At present, some parts of the Ong Ang Canal area have been abandoned. make people homeless come to live and sleep create anxiety to the people living and traveling around that area Mr. Kriangyot said he has received complaints from many entrepreneurs who trade in the area. Currently Bangkok No importance was given to organizing walking street activities. Just like in the past again and the water in the Ong Ang Canal began to spoil. have less income Plus some stores can't sell it. Many shops had to close their business. Therefore, we would like relevant agencies to come to the area to help solve the problem. and would like to help publicize it and organize activities To attract tourists to come back to visit Khlong Ong Ang. Like before Source: Thai News Agency

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