4 days have passed and the 2-year-old boy has still not been found. He mysteriously disappeared near the stream next to his house.

Chiang Rai, 4 days and still haven't found a 2-year-old boy who mysteriously disappeared near a stream next to his house. Villagers believe that ghosts are blinding them. As the fortune teller greeted him, a man took him away. The family brings offerings to the forest spirit. And there were villagers who came to help perform the ceremony according to their beliefs. to ask the forest spirit to help clear the way Or give a sacred object that leads a 2-year-old boy to be hidden and brought back to the family. After mysteriously disappearing on March 23, until now he has not been found. Police and villagers launched a search effort in Phasuk Village, Mae Yao Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province, as well as the forest area around the village and nearby villages. It was found that before the boy's suggestion he had disappeared. playing ball Then the ball fell from the house into the stream next to the house. The boy then suggests going down to collect them along with his uncle who goes to help collec t the balls from the stream. But the boy will advise and won't follow along. Still playing alone until time passed, Grandma went down to look for him and couldn't find him. I searched everywhere but there was no sign. Ms. Nasee, 31 years old, the boy's mother will advise When he heard that his child was missing, he hurriedly traveled from Lampang. and help find it every day But there's still no trace. Until turning to a fortune teller in Fang District, Chiang Mai Province, where the fortune teller said that a black and red man had taken his child away from the house. And the child is still alive, another 2-3 days until he can be found, begging the person who took the child to please bring him back. At this time, the boy's family will advise He hardly eats or sleeps. I can only pray that if there is something sacred that prevents me from seeing the boy, I will give advice. Or if someone takes you and hides you, I want you to help me release them and go home. While the village headman, villagers and officials Go ahead and search for the boy, he will advise you hard. But no clues have been found yet. Source: Thai News Agency

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