Young man arrested for deceiving investors Victims lost more than 31 million baht

Bangkok: The Central Investigation Police (CIB) arrested a young man who tricked Forex investors into trading gold. More than 100 victims were deceived, causing more than 31 million baht in damages. Central Investigation Police The Economic Crime Suppression Division (ECC) raided and arrested Mr. Chatchai, age 42, according to an arrest warrant from the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court on August 11, 2023 for the crime of conspiring to defraud the public. Working together to borrow money to defraud the public and jointly imported false information into the computer system In a manner that was likely to cause damage to the people, the arrests were made in the middle of Soi Khlong Si East 20, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province. As a result of a group of victims filing a complaint to take legal action against 3 private companies doing real estate business. that had persuaded a group of victims to invest in the said company, claiming that they would invest the members' investment in foreign currency exc hange (Forex) and gold exchange. Digital currency and others, with an investment plan and paying dividends up to 300 percent per year, which is claimed to provide returns higher than the legal interest rates that financial institutions can pay. Until a total of 158 victims were believed, the total damage was more than 31 million baht. Later, the investigating officers of Subdistrict 4, Office of the Provincial Crime Suppression Division, collected evidence and requested permission from the court to issue an arrest warrant for the accused and his associates. By Mr. Chatchai One of the group of accused who was arrested this time It is using the image of the investor. Responsible for giving lectures and invitations and create credibility and induce victims to believe until they join in investing who has evaded capture ever since Until the investigative team, Division 4, Office of the Provincial Crime Suppression Division, investigated and learned that Mr. Chatchai had fled to the area of ??Khlong Si Subdistric t, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province, so they brought in forces to arrest this suspect. Handed over to the investigating officers of Subdistrict 4, Office of the Provincial Crime Suppression Division, to prosecute according to law. ?In addition, there are still accused persons involved in this case. The investigating officers of Subdistrict 4 of the Office of the Provincial Crime Suppression Division have already issued an arrest warrant. Police investigators are in the process of following up and arresting him to bring him to be prosecuted according to law. Ask about the accused's preliminary statement. Denies all the allegations. Ask for more information Police Lieutenant Colonel Chaowawut Liabma, Police Station 4, Police Headquarters, Tel. 0871168753 The Central Investigation Police would like to warn the people. Warning and warning to the people to be aware of the behavior of criminals who deceive their victims in many ways. I would like to note that If someone invites you to invest By offeri ng compensation in excess of what is required by law. Please assume that You may be being deceived. You should check with the relevant agencies before investing Source: Thai News Agency

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