Young Cambodian worker wins 12 million in lottery

Nakhon Ratchasima Cambodian female workers Came to work in Thailand for more than 8 years. This time, I was lucky and won 12 million baht in the lottery. Prepared to make a vow and take the money home to do business. Reporters traveled to Ban Khok Na Klong, Village No. 4, Sukpaiboon Subdistrict, Seng Sang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. To meet the new millionaire, Miss Sriprai, 42 years old, and Miss Nat (Cambodian), 23 years old, both of whom are lovers. The person who bought the lottery ticket was Nong Nat. She said she had been working in Thailand legally for over 8 years, working as a laborer picking corn. At Ban Khok Na Klong Nong Nat said that 4 days before the lottery was released, she went to the flea market with her boyfriend. saw the lottery panel It was put up for sale so I stopped to look for the last number 90 because I liked this number so I bought 2. After I finished buying it I went to buy it at Pu Mong Shrine. which is the village shrine of Nong Khe-Nong Tum is revered and worshiped by the people in the area When people ask for blessings, they are always successful. By keeping it That…..if you win the first prize, a band (Electone) will be brought to play as an offering as an offering. When the night before the lottery was drawn, it appeared that in a dream, Grandfather Mong came to the house. Come stand on your toes. Standing and watching her sleep and smiling at her. before leaving As for Miss Sriprai People who are fans dream of seeing lottery tickets stacked up all over the place. When I woke up in the morning I didn't think about anything and talked about my dreams. Until the announcement of the awards So he brought the lottery to check and it turned out that he won the first prize, number 205690. Both tickets were really correct. At that time, they were very happy and hugged each other. Still can't believe that I will win the prize of 12 million baht. It's like a dream come true. After this, the prize money will be used to open the shop. Doing business selling goods in your home country (Kampong Thom Province Cambodia) but before returning, there will be a ceremony to make vows to Pu Mong. before as promised Source: Thai News Agency

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