Yonhap opens digital content sales platform ‘Hello Archive’

SEOUL-- Yonhap News Agency, South Korea's key wire service, on Thursday launched a new online system where individuals can easily purchase visual content created in and out of the country, and who's who information on prominent domestic figures.

The platform, "Hello Archive" (https://www.helloarchive.co.kr), covers photos, videos, graphics and information on various figures from all walks of life as well as illustrations.

Yonhap News became the first news outlet in the country to launch such a one-stop service.

The service was created through a merger of the company's two different online platforms -- one for selling photos and the other for videos, graphic news and personal information.

Users can also buy images released by 15 foreign news outlets, such as the Associated Press and the DPA, as well as works by homegrown professional photographers and social creators in 191 countries around the world.

Company officials said the platform will provide an easy-to-use service making the utmost use of the firm's wide networks of news coverage in provincial areas and of overseas correspondents.

"We will develop it into the country's top digital content sales platform, where users can buy all 'materials' necessary for creating content with a single visit to 'Hello Archive,'" one of the officials added.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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