“Witthaya” defends “Settha”, the real Prime Minister who has power.

Nakhon Si Thammarat, "Witthaya" admitted to asking the RTA Party leader about the Cabinet reshuffle, but there has been no signal from the Prime Minister. I want the party members to keep quiet. It is believed that it is an internal adjustment of "Pheu Thai" that will not affect the coalition parties, defending "Seththa", the real Prime Minister who has power. Mr. Witthaya Kaewparadai, Deputy Leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTSC) and as the House of Representatives Coordinating Committee Gave an interview about the news of a Cabinet reshuffle (Cabinet) in the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. Did you receive the signal or not? Normally, Cabinet adjustments will affect only the leading government party. He thought it was an internal party matter. Which can be seen from the current trend within the Pheu Thai Party There is a need to adjust the Cabinet. Because there were many suitable people left behind in the procession. But the adjustment will affect other parties. What needs to be done is that the Prim e Minister himself must have discussions with the leaders of the coalition parties. As for the desire to adjust the Cabinet, he talked with the leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. last week He said there was no signal yet. Therefore, everyone in the party is asked to keep quiet. Because there is still no matter of cabinet reshuffling, of course, if there is someone who knows, the first person to know is the party leader. The reporter asked if there would really be a Cabinet reshuffle for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. Will there be a switch or not? Mr. Witthaya said that there has been no discussion on this matter yet. Because I think that there has not been an adjustment affecting the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. When asked whether the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party will evaluate the Cabinet on the part of the party or not. Mr. Witthaya said that, of course, there would be a definite assessment, but now the minister has just started working for a few days. And some of them work well. But you may have a p ersonality that says little and needs to be improved. Meanwhile, the party leader has always tried to exchange with everyone. But he thinks that until today, the mood of people in the party is not enthusiastic about the matter of Cabinet adjustments because they think that it is not related to us. When asked when the Cabinet was first set up, were there conditions or agreements for how many months to serve as ministers? Mr. Witthaya said Regarding time conditions Didn't have to say But tell everyone that everything can be changed. But when it comes to time, there has never been an estimate that it must be 3 months or 6 months to change. When asked if the party has conditions for cabinet adjustments. How? Mr. Witthaya said that this class has not yet been evaluated and has not had any problems with anyone. When asked about the case where the leader of the Democrat Party (Democrat Party) revealed that there would be former MPs or Democrat Party members returning. As for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, is ther e one or not? To return to the same party, Mr. Witthaya said that he is a person who used to belong to the Democrat Party. The party leader and secretary-general of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party had also been there, but as far as I could tell, there was no such feeling. And there are few people who are still MPs today. From the discussions and exchanges, there is still no trend like this. As for whether more people from the Democrat Party will join the Ruam Thai Sang Nation Party or not, this is uncertain. Because it's long I think that the movement will actually happen near the time when there will be a change in the dissolution of parliament. which the political atmosphere today There is talk of reshuffling the Cabinet, but there is no talk of changing the Prime Minister. But if you think about changing the Prime Minister, it will come with the dissolution of parliament. Because of the power of the Prime Minister to dissolve parliament and think about changing it. And today I think it's more about changes within the leading party. But if it's more than that, it will shake the entire organ. When asked how he views the atmosphere today where there appear to be 3 prime ministers, Mr. Witthaya said that he thought it was something that had just been said. But the Prime Minister must accept the fact that there is only one person: Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. And he is not the Prime Minister. Or who is the representative? There is no one greater than you today. I believe that he has quite a high sense of self from what he has been following. I'm not a person who listens to anyone easily. Try threatening him to resign. I thought I might find a sword to slit my throat. If you dissolve parliament, what can you say? The power is in the hands of the Prime Minister to dissolve parliament. more than resignation If the Prime Minister really wants to resign The Prime Minister must be put in jail and removed from office. But if political pressure is to be used, I think there is no way. We've s een people threaten the Prime Minister, promising to resign in 7 days. On the 5th day, he dissolves parliament. I've seen it before. Because the power of the Prime Minister really exists. If you just listen and think it's true at any time, I don't think it's true. When asked about the past discussions, there seems to be little that is unlike old politics. Mr. Witthaya said It is the stance of the opposition whether they have finished wearing the spirit of the opposition or not. The discussion will be about what will actually happen. There are probably few people who really have the spirit of opposition. Just like we assessed, it seemed like they wanted to be in government rather than in opposition. As for if there is a signal from the government leading party regarding cabinet adjustments. Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party Will it be taken into consideration to adjust the proportions of the party or not? Mr. Wittaya said not yet because at this time no one knows. If you want any party to adjust what? At this time i t can only be assessed. It is a matter of the leading party. which he may have to adjust the train Because there are many senior politicians who have fallen out of the process. When asked repeatedly, If there is a signal to fine the Cabinet, the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party Whether there will be an adjustment on the part of the party or not, Mr. Witthaya said there must be discussion. which the leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party It is highly democratic. Therefore you must discuss. If it is pointed out that this or that person will be removed, there must be an explanation. People who do outstanding work, like the party leader, might kick someone in the matter of energy. If you were to be removed, the people would probably not accept it. When asked repeatedly, By saying this, does it mean that there is news coming? Mr. Witthaya refused to answer, saying only that he did not. He spoke based on what he had heard from the media and his analysis and assessment based on reality. When asked whether or not ther e would be outsiders from the party capitalists coming in as for the Ministry of Energy, Mr. Witthaya said he did not know because it came out of an assessment. Therefore, if you leave the evaluation, it is considered normal. And from what he reads in the newspapers and listens to every television channel, he sees that they are analyzed. Even if they are wrong 100 times, they are still analyzed. Since the government was established I would like to stop analyzing. If there is real information, I would like to discuss it. Therefore, in order to have someone removed It's not what they said or what the media analyzed on their own. Otherwise, we can have fun and make mistakes every day without any responsibility. And the listeners continued to move forward. Source: Thai News Agency

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