Wife is angry and hungry. Husband is enjoying Songkran and doesn’t care. Banging your head against the wall

Samut Prakan, Songkran is the cause. Husband enjoyed playing in the water and forgot to cook for him. Wife gets angry and bangs her head against the wall Husband grabs knife and stabs her in the garden, injured Police, Muang Samut Prakan Police Station We were informed that there had been an incident of physical harm. Someone was injured. Inside an apartment Soi Wat Bang Ping, Bang Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Prakan Province After receiving the notification, he, along with Ruamkratyu Foundation officials, traveled to inspect the scene. Found an injured woman, approximately 35 years old, from Myanmar, lying in the room. There were stab wounds with a knife on the left front stomach and right back. Officers provided first aid. Before rushing to take it out and exchange it for rescuers at Samut Prakan Hospital. Taken to Samut Prakan Hospital Inside the room, there was also Mr. Mong, 35 years old, a Myanmar national, who was the perpetrator. There was a wound on the head. and a pointed knife, abou t 20 centimeters long, so the police kept it as evidence. Upon questioning, the injured person said that he was drunk. After saying 2-3 words, he used a knife to stab himself. Mr. Mong (the perpetrator) said that he and the injured person were lovers. Today he went to work. As for himself, he stopped and went out to play Songkran. When he returned to his room he had not cooked anything, then he became angry, cursing himself and hitting his head against the wall. Unable to stand it, he grabbed a knife and threatened to stab him. But he missed and hit him. I don't intend to do it to him. Introduction to police officers The perpetrator and the knife used in the incident were detained for further questioning at the police station. to proceed according to the law Go listen to the man's voice. Source: Thai News Agency

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