Webtel.mobi Explains Its Global Structure, and the Artificial Intelligence System – “HAL” – Which Powers It

Global Telephony Provider WM provides an overview on what is behind the system that is entering into a potential sector-influencing role in many of the world’s largest markets.

Extremely Simplified View of the WM Complex System

Extremely Simplified View of the WM Complex System

NEW YORK and ST PETER PORT, Guernsey, Oct. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — To supply the suite of services that Global Telephony Company Webtel.mobi (“WM”) provides, worldwide, would – if using conventional methodologies – require:

  1. Global Accessibility: The build of multiple different Platforms to cater for the wide disparity of internet / Mobile Data / Hardware / Handsets worldwide.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: The provision of many of its Facilities as stand-alone products in different Sectors –rather than integrated into one Telephony Platform.
  3. Infrastructure: Hundreds of thousands of personnel and support & administrative personnel – and premises for them – worldwide.

To cater for all of the above, WM first researched and then planned the build and structuring of all end-requirements, then built its business and Delivery Platform to fit the end requirements.

A summary of the structure and flow of the WM System is as follows:

Global Accessibility
For internet-based products and services to be globally accessible and usable, the Online Delivery Platform has to be built, and function to cater for, the extremely wide disparity in the hardware, software, mobile data and internet capacity in all countries and several other factors. A summary of requirements, and what WM had to make its system available to, is as follows:

  • Applications: Only Online Applications or “Web Applications” can be used. 50% of Mobile Phones in use worldwide are Pre-Smart phones, which cannot download Apps. If Apps are downloaded onto phones, the Company whose Apps they are – is legally deemed to be present in the country where the App is downloaded and used.
  • Browsers: There are very many browsers in use – for Desktop / Laptop / Tablet, Smart Phones and Pre-Smart Phones. These include legacy (old) Browsers not in use in Developed Economy countries. Browsers also function differently on different makes and models of hardware and hardware resolutions. The Delivery Platform must function on all of them. There are thousands of combinations, and the Delivery Platform must be built to render and function on them all.
  • Operating Systems: There are hundreds of differences in the operating systems of the various makes and models of Smart Phone, Pre-Smart Phone, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. This is further compounded by the use of Low-Resolution Operating Systems in large parts of the world that are developing countries. Again, there are thousands of combinations, and the Delivery Platform must be built to render and function on them all.
  • Bandwidth / Data Cost: In the majority of the world, access to internet does not exist outside of Mobile Data. In the Developing World, internet and Mobile Data is either extremely expensive or very slow – particularly for the 70% of the world population who are on Pre-Paid phone contracts. The Delivery Platform must be built to strip out all Rich Images and Dynamic content, and highly-compressed – otherwise, the product is too slow or too expensive in bandwidth / Mobile Data cost to be accessed or used.
  • Pre-Smart Mobile Phones: The 50% of Pre-Smart Phones in use globally cannot download Apps, cannot properly function on Platforms / Sites using Javascript, and are limited in their User-Functions. The Delivery Platform must be built without Javascript and to be easily usable by limited functionality devices.
  • Globally Intuitive Layout: The wide discrepancy in user “norms” in different parts of the world means what is considered normal or intuitive in one part of the world is considered strange or difficult in others. The layout must be simple and intuitive, presented in a clear and simple manner, conforming to a global median of norms of navigation.
  • Color: Color is extremely important in multiple countries – signifying good, bad, lucky, unlucky, etc. All colors with negative connotations in any significant parts of the world must be avoided.

The above considerations and various others – and a decade of testing in multiple markets worldwide – have informed and guided the layout and functionality of WM’s Platform 2. Its current format renders it easily accessible and usable by all devices, on all browsers, with all software / hardware / handset combinations, in low-cost or high-cost and rapid or slow internet and mobile data countries, in market-sectors, in all countries, worldwide.

Regulatory Compliance

  • WM is a Telephony Company with internet-initiated telephony. It is regulated as an Internet Telephony Service Provider. All its Services are telephony and Telephony-Support Services. The fact some of them are Dual Use is due only to its Complex Adaptive System and Complex System Hybrid (see next section).
  • WM does not provide services to the public – only to Members. It is therefore a “Closed-Loop Members Only service” – not a public service.
  • WM’s operation from Guernsey as a Third-Country location (not part of any Political or Economic Union of countries) and its accessibility via Web Application means wherever the Platform is accessed from, it is deemed to be being accessed in Guernsey, and all member Accounts and Transactions occur in Guernsey.
  • The “Stored Credit” Members load into their WM Pre-Paid telephony Accounts is not a deposit / payment or part-payment. Stored Credit remains the property of the owner until it is used. Stored Credit loads therefore do not represent outward payments, deposits, or transfers to third parties.
  • No Stored Credit of WM Members held in WM’s Regulated Bank Accounts ever moves – even in “Transfer” or “Payment” transactions. The Stored Credit (funds) remain completely static in WM’s Regulated Multicurrency bank Accounts (held with one of the world’s leading and largest Banking Groups), and the only alteration after “Transfers” or “Payments” is the alteration of each transacting Member’s Balance in their WM Accounts.
  • Multiple other considerations – the above being some of them. Moreover, WM’s KYC and AML processes in respect of its Members are one of the most thorough and credible of such systems in the world.

All WM’s regulatory requirements and structures have been researched by multiple independent firms of Attorneys, Global Specialist Consultancies, Banks, Regulatory Agencies, and other entities, in one of the most thorough due diligence processes ever carried out on a corporate entity in corporate history. WM is compliant with all Regulatory Requirements applicable to it – which is why it has already operated for nearly 10 years in its Platform 1 phase without any incident.

WM operates as a Decentralized Company, with software and human capital infrastructures located in 15 countries worldwide. A summary of WM’s infrastructure is as follows:

Non-essential and non-core infrastructure requirements are outsourced – although WM retains joint oversight over them. The outsourced facilities are primarily hardware-related. Several hundred people work in the entities where the decentralized WM outsourced infrastructure is located, but they are not a WM cost-centre. There are multiple replacements for each outsourced entity at all times, with immediate switchover capacity – so not rendering WM vulnerable to an external entity.

WM In-House Outsourcing (VSMPs and Agent):
WM expands internationally by means of an Affiliate Program (the Virtual Specialized Mobile Provider or VSMP Program), and an Independent Agent Program. VSMPs are Affiliates of WM given to existing companies / organizations / other entities. All personnel of the existing companies / organizations / other entities that have VSMPs – and all their premises and equipment – is used to run their Affiliated WM business. The same applies for Independent Agents. The cumulative de-facto total of personnel and premises that already exist as WM VSMPs make WM one of the most substantial global companies in terms of de-facto personnel, equipment, and premises – but none of this is a cost-centre for WM.

Artificial Intelligence Complex Adaptive System:
This is the key to WM as an entity. To provide its all-encompassing services globally – and for any entity in the world to provide such services and facilities in this manner – the use of Artificial Intelligence is required. Without this, it is simply not possible to provide such services in such a manner – and it would require hundreds of thousands of personnel to even attempt to do so. WM built an Artificial Intelligence System, which is a Complex Adaptive System. It also integrates elements of an Inanimate Complex System (software, systems, processes and components) and an Animate Complex System (human beings – for the VSMP + Independent Agent + Attorneys and Notaries for the KYC + AML processes). The Animate Part of the System functions within the “TEL.mobi Group Global Alliance”. The perfection of its Artificial Intelligence component is what has taken the time to perfect the WM System, and is the Primary Factor in all that WM does – and can do. To understand more about the WM’s Artificial Intelligence component – referred to as “HAL” within WM – it is easiest if the concepts, requirements, and results of a “Complex Adaptive System” and a “Complex System” are researched online. The Complex Adaptive System and two additional Complex System components are what endow WM’s Facilities with the properties of “Emergence”, enabling them to be dual-use products whereby they simultaneously provide Telephony-Support functionality and their secondary functionality in and to other markets.


Media Contact:
Nick Lambert: wm@thoburns.com

Information on the TEL. mobi Group Global Alliance:

Video on WM’s Regulatory Compliance:

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WM’s urls:
https://webtel.mobi/pc (Tablets / Laptops / Desktops)
https://webtel.mobi (Smart Phones)
https://webtel.mobi/wap (Pre-Smart Mobile Phones)

Overview Information on Complex Adaptive Systems:

Overview Information on Complex Systems:

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