Watch out for monkeypox in Bangkok – infections are on the rise

Watch out for monkeypox in Bangkok after the number of infected people increases. Youngest age 18 years, emphasis on more proactive communication.

Assoc. Prof. Tavida Kamonvej, Deputy Governor of Bangkok Revealing the situation of monkeypox after the Executive Committee Meeting No. 19/2023, the current situation in August saw the number of monkeypox patients in Bangkok increase more than in July and June. There were approximately 80 patients in August. From the information it can be seen that this is a specific group. They are usually in areas with tourist attractions. In Bangkok, we have many networks of groups like this, such as Fah Si Rung, Swing Thailand, who are always working together. in providing correct information At the same time, if there are cases anywhere, we will go to the area to clean and communicate and understand.

From the latest news that has been published that Those infected are much younger, reaching the age of youth. which are numbers from all over the country But in Bangkok, the youngest person is 18 years old. Bangkok has a variety of sexual health clinics. Bangkok (BKK Pride Clinic), which is open at the Public Health Service Center. And we have health that is able to communicate with educational institutions. In the matter of sexual intercourse during reproductive age This will emphasize communication in all matters that must be careful. As for monkeypox, it will be emphasized and communicated more heavily.

Source: Thai News Agency

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