Wang makes strong return to pitcher’s mound in major league

Taiwanese pitcher Chien-Ming Wang (???), who was one of the final additions to the Kansas City Royals' 25-man roster this year, took the pitcher's mound in the Royals' fourth game of the season Saturday, walking one batter and sending three others out in the ninth inning with his trademark sinker.

It was Wang's first major league game since Aug. 25, 2013 after gaining a surprise pick on the roster this year.

"I am happy to be able to stand on the mound," he told reporters after the game, in which the Royals beat the Minnesota Twins 7-0 at the Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

The 36-year-old reliever was called up in the ninth inning, when the Royals were leading by seven points.

Wang walked the first batter and dismissed three others, including Byung Ho Park (???) of South Korea.

Wang pitched a total of 22 balls, all sinkers, gaining 13 strikes and allowing no hits.

Facing Park, who hit a homer in his major league debut the previous day, Wang threw a sinker that was clocked at 92 miles per hour (148 kilometers per hour).

It was a strong comeback from last year, when Wang's trademark sinker rarely clocked more than 89 mph, but a stint at the Texas Baseball Ranch in the offseason helped him improve his pitch to up to 95 mph.

Source: China Post

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