Volcanic durian farmers fight hard to find water sources to fight drought.

Sisaket 17 May - Sisaket volcanic durian farmers fight hard. Find a source of water to help fight drought. Sisaket Volcanic Durian Farmers Border area Durian chicks are growing. But the tree is withering. Some trees are dead. Farmers fight hard Find a source of water to water and wait for the rain. Agreeing to carry water from a water source more than 5 kilometers away, several trips a day. Some people hire people to dig artesian wells at least 100 meters deep to find groundwater to fight drought. Ban Suan Pa, Village No. 17, Bak Dong Subdistrict, Khun Han District, Sisaket Province. The hot and dry situation has greatly affected durian farmers in the area. Water from natural reservoirs is dry. From where the water pipes used to be connected Connect the solar panel To share water and use it to water the durian orchard. Currently no longer available Any garden that has a water source will share it. Even if you have to take turns waiting for an hour. Until the groundwater is absorbed enough to be pumped for use. Which garden has enough money to save? I was willing to dig into my pocket to pay for digging groundwater. Each drill in the area Must drill at a depth of at least 100 meters, depending on whether water is found or not. Farmers also have to wait to have water available to water the durian trees that are producing. And prepare to wait for sales in June and July. The farmer said that he brought the water from Huai Tha Dam. Driving over 5 kilometers to go out and pump water to water the durian trees. It is the closest water source at this time. Transfer to a blister and cement pond and reserve water first. which requires more than 5-6 transport trips to be enough each day. By waiting for time in the evening Therefore, water was released to water all the durian trees. Because if you water during the strong sunshine Because the air and ground are very hot. Steam rose up. This will cause the durian tree to be damaged and may die. Meanwhile, almost 10 trees in his garden have dried up and died due to drought and lack of water. And it's worth feeling sorry for the many gardens that already have children. There are also problems with baby dropping. There are also dead trees. Some people invest in digging artesian wells but cannot find a water source as well. We must do everything possible to pour water on the durian trees until rain falls in the area. - Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency

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