Vietnamese leaders extend congratulations to Iran on National DayAfter 73 days, more than 140,000 people have registered their debt outside the system.

Hanoi: Top leaders of Vietnam on February 11 sent messages of congratulations to leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the country's 45th National Day (February 11, 1979 - 2024). President Vo Van Thuong sent a message of congratulations to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, while Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh extended congratulations to First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber and National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue cabled a congratulatory message to Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf. On the same day, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son also congratulated his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian./. Source: Vietnam News Agency Ministry of Thailand" reveals that there are still 18 days left for registration of informal debt, after 73 days of opening for registration of informal debt. More than 140,000 people have registered, with a total amount of debt outside the system of more than 9,835 million baht. Mediation has been completed in 13,089 cases, with the debt amount reduced by 675 million baht. Emphasis is placed on all areas expediting mediation immediately. Mr. Suthipong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Revealing the results of registration to solve the problem of debt outside the system on the 73rd day. At 3:00 p.m., the Bureau of Investigation and Legal Affairs, Department of Provincial Administration, reported the results of the registration. It was found that 140,973 people had registered, with a total debt of 9,835.576 million baht. Registration through the online system 118,444 cases and registration at the informal debt resolution center 22,529 cases, totaling 110,455 creditors. The top 5 ar eas/provinces with the most registrations are as follows: 1. Bangkok There are still the most registered people, 11,112, creditors 8,044, debt worth 857.566 million baht. 2. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. There are 5,682 people registered, 5,279 creditors, debt amount 386.644 million baht. 3. Songkhla Province: 5,215 people registered, 4,173 creditors, debt amount 343.582 million baht. 4. Nakhon Ratchasima Province. There are 4,897 registrants, 3,913 creditors, debt worth 421.250 million baht. 5. Surin Province There are 3,735 registrants, 2,634 creditors, debt worth 334.666 million baht. While the top 5 provinces with the fewest registrations are: 1. Mae Hong Son Province There are 230 people registered, 235 creditors, debt amount 14.110 million baht. 2. Ranong Province: 328 people registered, 243 creditors, debt amount 23.383 million baht. 3. Samut Songkhram Province. There are 371 people registered, 290 creditors, debt amount 14.086 million baht. 4. Trat Province, 449 people registered, 329 creditors, debt amount 19.999 million baht, and 5. Sing Buri Province. There are 465 registrants, 352 creditors, debt amount 24.296 million baht. 'For information on informal debt mediation throughout the country, it was found that There are 21,761 debtors who have entered the mediation process, 13,089 mediations were successful. Debtors' debt before mediation was 1,979.893 million baht, after mediation 1,304.813 million baht, debt amount decreased by 675.079 million baht, and the provinces that were able to bring the most debtors into the mediation process also It would be Nakhon Sawan Province as before. There were 3,196 debtors who entered the mediation process, 348 of whom were successful in mediation. Debtors' debt before mediation was 262.971 million baht, after mediation was 34.167 million baht, resulting in the debt of citizens in Nakhon Sawan province decreasing by 228.804 million baht. Cooperate until mediation is not possible. Officials have forwarded the matter to investigators at local police stations to prosec ute 267 cases in 34 provinces.' 'Currently, there are still 18 days left for citizens to register to apply for government assistance to solve the problem of informal debt. We will be accepting registration until February 29, 2024, including travel to ask for advice and registration at city halls in every province. (Provincial Damrongtham Center Room) every district office (Damrongtham District Center Room) District offices for all 50 districts of Bangkok As well as the area for organizing the provincial debt relief market fair. and the district debt relief market Or you can register online at In addition, it has been emphasized that every district organizes activities. 'Debt resolution market' at least 4 times a month, additional support from the provincial debt resolution market that is held once a month, integrated with all sectors, both government and private sectors. including financial institutions To bring debt into the system along with creating a good quality of life for the p eople in a sustainable way. By allowing all areas to expedite the debt mediation process as soon as registration is received. To enable registered informal debtors to receive help and resolve their informal debt problems quickly and fairly. and stimulate and arouse the passion of doing duty to help the people who have suffered continuously without stopping Because every agency has the same goal as the people of the Interior, which is to "cure the suffering and nourish the happiness" of all citizens," Mr. Suthipong said at the end Source: Thai News Agency

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