Victims flocked to report the matter, ordered “La Bu Boo” but did not receive the product.

Crime Suppression Division, A group of victims ordered "La Bu Boo" to report to the Crime Suppression Division. Not receiving ordered products worth more than 10 million baht, some people are considering suicide. After investing the child's tuition money At 9:30 a.m. today (June 10), a group of victims of the purchase of "La Bu Boo" products from a Facebook page He went to report the matter at the Central Investigation Police Headquarters, Phayothin Road, because he had ordered products and had not received them. The seller denies responsibility. Some people even think about committing suicide because they used their children's tuition money to invest. The victim's representative said that He used to buy and sell Art toys with the said seller normally. Previously, there were regular deliveries without any problems, but the latest batch The seller has posted a sale of Labubu products on the Facebook page as a pre-order. He saw that it was a trend that could be sold, so he decided to buy it in mid-May by pre -ordering for 10 days, but when the delivery day arrived, The seller rescheduled the appointment to another day. Claiming that the item hasn't arrived yet. And there were many more postponements. Therefore, it is believed that he was deceived. Now there are more than 100 victims gathered together, causing more than 10 million baht in damage. After that, the seller was contacted. But the seller claims that the pre-ordered products were cheated by a warehouse in China. So I haven't received the product yet. But the seller refused to return the money. However, he decided to buy because of trust. and the seller has a good profile Has been selling for 2-3 years and previously traded in other Art Toy products and delivered items according to the normal billing cycle. But this time the seller is selling at a lower price than the market, from 10,000 baht to 7,000 baht. He sees that he can resell it for 10,000-12,000 baht, which he used to sell for 8,000 baht and then someone bought it. Can make a profit So I made an order. The damage value is 1.5 million baht in this lot. And on May 31, the seller could not be contacted. Because it was already the appointment time, the seller didn't deliver the item. By greeting the seller The seller came to read but did not reply. The money transfer was transferred to the seller and her husband. which had some victims Stressed to the point of committing suicide After using the savings to invest this time From the investigation of the victims' own group, it was found that The said vendor has a house in a luxury village in the Samut Prakan area. And there is a storefront on the 5th floor of Mega Plaza Saphan Lek. They opened a real storefront and had real products and sold very well. But from talking with the employees in the store, they said The shop is about to be sold. Therefore there is a doubt that Why do you have to sell the shop because it's selling well? and many customers Moreover, this morning the seller posted on Facebook that he would gradually refund the money. After the gr oup of victims made a move to report the matter. The seller is trying to coordinate how to gradually refund the money. But the amount returned is not according to the amount paid. Since there were more than 140 victims, but only 5 were gradually returned, everyone decided to bring evidence to report today. Source: Thai News Agency

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