Vice FM calls alliance with U.S. ‘foundation’ of S. Korea’s diplomacy, security during election team meeting

SEOUL, Vice Foreign Minister Choi Jong-kun on Tuesday called the alliance with the United States the “foundation” of South Korea’s diplomacy and security, stressing the foreign ministry’s active role to enhance the bilateral ties beyond next week’s U.S. presidential election.
Choi made the remarks as he presided over a meeting of the ministry’s task force monitoring the Nov. 3 election and analyzing each candidate’s policy orientations that could affect the bilateral relations.
“Vice Minister Choi said that the South Korea-U.S. alliance is the foundation of our diplomacy and security, and underscored the active role of the foreign ministry in continuing to develop the bilateral relationship after the U.S. presidential election,” the ministry said in a press release.
Since August, the vice minister has led the task force to check various election-related issues, particularly policy projections that could affect the alliance and overall international affairs.
The task force involved officials from ministry divisions covering North American affairs, North Korean nuclear issues and other related areas.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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