UNSC strongly condemns N.K.’s latest missile test, warns of additional sanctions

NEW YORK/SEOUL-- The U.N. Security Council condemned North Korea's latest missile test on Monday, warning that it will seek additional sanctions against its regime.

On Sunday afternoon, the North test-fired a ballistic missile, which flew more than 500 kilometers. The North later claimed that the test was a success and that its leader Kim Jong-un approved the deployment of the new missile for combat use.

The U.N.'s 15-member council approved a statement on Monday in which they strongly condemned the North's missile test and urged Pyongyang not to carry out such provocations. It also warned additional sanctions against the reclusive country.

The statement was approved by all its members including China, the closet ally to the North.

The condemnation came a day before the UNSC was set to convene an emergency meeting to discuss the North's missile and nuclear threats. A similar meeting was held on May 16 in the wake of the North's missile test two days earlier.

The Sunday provocation marked the North's eighth missile test this year. It was also the second of its kind since South Korean President Moon Jae-in took office on May 10.

South Korea welcomed the UNSC's statement as a "swift" and "stern" response.

"Our government assesses that the UNSC member states, including China and Russia, have united to announce their swift and stern stance against the North's ballistic missile provocation," a foreign ministry official said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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