University officially voids medical school admission of ex-justice minister’s daughter

BUSAN-- Pusan National University (PNU) on Tuesday made a final decision to nullify the 2015 admission of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk's daughter into its medical school for using forged documents on the application.

The school in the southeastern port city of Busan had tentatively decided in August last year to cancel Cho Min's admission to its Graduate School of Medicine and finalized the decision in a general faculty meeting Tuesday.

Tuesday's decision came after the Supreme Court convicted her mother, Chung Kyung-sim, in January for forging a university president's citation and getting a false internship certificate to use for the daughter's admission to the medical school.

Chung was sentenced to four years in prison for the academic fraud and other charges.

The 2019 scandal involving the family of Cho Kuk, considered then one of the closest confidants of President Moon Jae-in, ended up sharply dividing the nation, prompting massive rallies both in support and against his justice minister nomination.

Cho left office just 35 days later.

Cho Min entered Korea University in 2010 and graduated in 2014. She was then admitted to PNU's medical school in 2015 and passed the state medical licensing exam in January of last year.

It is highly likely Cho Min's medical license could be revoked following PNU's decision to nullify her admission. The health ministry has the authority to revoke medical licenses.

An official at the Ministry of Health and Welfare said the ministry could begin a procedure to revoke Cho Min's medical license after the education ministry formally informs it of the final decision to nullify the 2015 admission.

If Cho Min decides to take legal action against PNU and the health ministry, she could maintain her license until the cases are settled by the Supreme Court, given that court injunctions are granted against the measures.

Source: Yonhap News Agency