UNIST to Hold a Special Lecture on New Anti-Graft Law

With the new anti-graft law, also known as "Kim Young-ran Law" taking effect next month, UNIST held a special lecture to provide legal advice on anti-corruption and bribery.

The new law enforces criminal punishment on unlawful solicitation for the individials in the public, education, and media sectors. This lecture is intented to familiarize the UNIST community with the laws that criminalize bribery and corruption, and to help employees recognize and mitigate associated risks.

At the lecture, a lawyer Sung-Chil Hong talked about several cases of corruption in the private sector, including improper solicitation. Hong is a legal expert who has published the first enforcement guidelines for Kim Young Ran law. He served as Vice Chairperson of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission and Chairman of the Central Administrative Appeals Commission.

Auditor Sung Euk Lee of UNIST states, "As the new law is fully expected to go into effect later this month, we plan to come up with the guidelines before the implementation and provide them to our members." He adds, "We hope this lecture will help prevent unintended violations of the law throughout the campus."

Source: UNIST News Center

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